Book display racks if offered as standard sizes need to be chosen based on the common design that is the most preferred by most clients. Customized options are a different ball game altogether as the racks are designed as per the customer needs and requirements.

Donracks offers one of the best standardized mobile racking solutions while keeping in mind the need of their target market segment. There are three popular designs offered by Donracks; economy model racks, premium model racks and magazine racks. The economy models are best for those who have budget constraints, premium models strike a balance between price and quality and magazine racks are best suited for periodicals and magazine storage and display.

The premium model racks from Donracks are made of high quality raw materials that make it ideal to be used in places where there is frequent use and turnover of books such as libraries and book stores. The sturdiness, durability and reliability of the make and brand help in ensuring the stability of the racking solution offered by Donracks. The premium model racks are designed to house various kinds of books across sizes and hence though come as standardized designs can also be customized to suit the need of the customer.

The durable steel construction and flexibility offers adjustable racking systems for book racks that enable to accommodate books of different sizes. The incomparable quality makes it a stable choice that can also help to cover a larger area and floor space. Hence, the book racks are designed to be used in libraries without having a second thought on the durability of the racking system.

Apart from the sturdiness it offers, the books display racks are also attractive. The design is such that the book trays can be easily accessible and thereby easy to manage. Smooth edges, sturdy construction, accurate dimensions and fine finish are some of the other qualities that are inherent in the racking solutions offered by Donracks.

The modular designed premium model book racks from Donracks come in standard height of 1800 mm, with length of 900 mm. The depth of the racks is a standard 300 mm for each side of the rack meaning that these racks can be used on both sides to facilitate maximum book storage while occupying minimum space. Five numbers of plastic data strips make up the shelves.