Textile showrooms need to have the best display units to as part of their promotional in-house sales campaign to ensure that they maximize their visibility to the walk-in customer. Textile showroom displays therefore need to be chosen carefully based on the available floor space, the kinds of textiles that will go on display, the quantity that will be displayed and the target market segment of the retail unit. 

Donracks offers the best in line racking solutions for textile showrooms that are spread across various verticals and covers all bases in the textile industry. Be it using wall racking solutions, centre racking solutions, mobile racking solutions or independent racking solutions, Donracks offers the best suited solution as per the client offering customizable choices from its extensive spread of textile racks. Gondolas are the most popular display racks across retail outlets irrespective of the industry as it offers plenty of storage space while occupying lesser floor space.

Textile wall gondolas are common in textile showrooms as they can be used as racking systems or as hanger systems based on the need and requirement of the textile showroom. Textile wall gondolas from Donracks come with perforations on either side of the back board where the bars for hangers can be fitted in according to the size requirements. Most textile showrooms that have the textile wall gondolas use these as a combination of both the hanger system as well as the rack system wherein it facilitates maximum storage. Donracks offers the textile wall gondolas with and without the base to suit the need of the retail outlet. The base is used in the case of a complete hanger system or for those systems that hold racks at the top and hangers below.

All racking solutions from Donracks are made from high grade raw materials that ensure stability, sturdiness and durability. The standardized textile wall gondola units from Donracks are offered at 2500 mm in height; 600 mm in length and 450 mm in depth. Donracks offers plenty of textile racking choices to the merchandiser that includes; textile center racks, textile hanger straight display units, textile hanger inclined display units, textile round wooden racks, textile rack centre mini gondolas, textile rack center gondolas, personal care shelves and textile inclined holders.