Retail businesses cannot do without display racks. There are many types of racks available among them wire racks is very versatile and can be used to display almost anything. Racks are moved around the store often and having a lightweight and flexible racks can make the retail operations easy. Irrespective of the retail business, be it liquor store, video store, grocery store, dollar store, convenience store, amusement park, etc, the wire racks are a great addition to your store. Wire racks are available in varied sizes and can accommodate various types of products. Retail display racks in Chennai provides viable and customized solution to retail stores.

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Candy and Sweets

Wire racks are versatile as it comes with full wall display countertop displays. Wire racks are inexpensive solutions to display your retail items. Countertop displays promotes impulsive buying promoting your business. Inexpensive treats like candy, gums, chocolates, mints, etc can be displayed for quick viewing.

Newspaper and magazine

Wire rack can be used to display newspapers and magazines. The lower shelves can be used to fill comic books and the upper shelves can be used to display novels and best sellers. Moreover it can be used to store notebooks and stationary like pens, marker and pencils.


If your store is focusing on tourist then it is important to attract them with display merchandise gears. The wire racks can be used to display sports t-shirts, postcards, maps and stamps.

Food and beverages

Freshly baked cakes, bread and other baked items can be displayed attractively on wire display racks. Homemade food, boxed beverages, canned food, soft drinks, fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks and other beverages can be displayed on wire racks.

Clothes and fashion accessories

Wire racks can be used to display jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and other clothing accessories. What could be ideal to display jewelry accessories by adjusting the panels to fit the items better than wire racks?

Countertop wire racks

Wire racks are predominately used on countertops. These plastic containers are ideal for display on countertops to attract customers during billing. It not only helps to utilize the countertop space but also improve sales.

Pop display

Want a floor display, popup racks can help you with it. Though countertop wire racks can form creative countertop use. Just fill the racks with soda cans and small bottles to promote impulsive buying. Place it near your POS machine and see how your sales pick up.

Display food items

The countertop racks are ideal for a number of businesses some of them include restaurant, commercial cafeterias and specialty shops. In restaurants if can be used for food and non food items like seasonings, drinking cups, straws, paper napkins and condiment packets. At commercial cafeterias like in hospitals and malls, it can be used to hold assortment of food items like chips, soda and plastic containers to hold food and beverages. Wire racks are ideal for displaying baked and yogurt, candies and other items at Specialty store.

Making your wire rack with the permanent display in the store can add aesthetic value and is suitable for floor display. Rolling wire rack is suitable for moving the rack inside and outside the store. It is designed particularly for apparels and holding cases of beverages.

Wire rack shelving measurement

A wire rack is measure perfect to the thousandth of inch. The outer dimension is measured from the left edge the shelf collar to the right edge of the adjacent collar. The inner dimension is measured from post to post.

Wire rack shelving height

The wire rack shelving is available in different height starting from 6” to 96” tall. There are extension kits available to support the posts and it can be custom cut to meet any specifications. The height can be determined based on the storage needs and the space restrictions. The racks are placed on leveling foot to increase the stability of the unit. This adds to the overall stability of the shelf irrespective of the height.

General Technical specifications

Between every wire rung there is a space of .788 inches

These are general specifications and are bound to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer based on the usage and customer requirement.