Retail display cases are often used in commercial stress to display any merchandise they are selling in an appealing manner. In the earlier days, retail display cases were quite simple pieces of furniture. However, as time went by several different variations have been introduced to make it easier for the stores to display their ware and easy for t customers to browse through as well. If you are planning to pick out some display racks Chennai, you ought to be aware of the following key points:

  • Will the display case require a lock?
  • What purpose will the display case serve?
  • What material is the display case made of?
  • Are you planning on displaying expensive products?
  • Does the display rack need to match your store decor?
  • Do you need specific lighting arrangements to display your merchandise in a more appealing way?

Once you get the answers to these questions, it will make it much easier to pick out a display case that will suit your requirements. The targeted audience of the store also needs to be kept in mind. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense to keep a glass display case in a toy store for kids. If you are ordering your display case from a local manufacturer, be sure that the install it for you before they leave. Display cases need to be set up perfectly to be able to show justice to the merchandise they will be displaying to the store’s customers.

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Different Types Of Display Cases

Display cases come in wide variety of sizes and styles. It is up to you to pick one out heat suits your purposes and budget. Here a few different display cases that have become popular in recent times:

These types of display cases are meant to display expensive jewellery and hence come with a lock and key. The glass used in the display cases offers the customers a chance to view the jewels safely. It also keeps any dust and humidity outside away from your valuable merchandise. These kinds of cases are also used to display other valuable merchandise like watches, mobile phones, electronic devices, etc.

These display cases are similar to the above mentioned jewellery display case. However, they are made out of hardwood and given a black lacquer finish. They have glass cabinets which enable 360o viewing. The construction of each level is done very carefully to ensure that no dust or humidity can gain access inside.

Opticians prefer optical display cases to display their full range of glasses and accessories. These often have lighting inside them to lay more focus on the products. They also come with trays that can be pulled out to give the customer a closer look at the glasses you are selling. These pre-assembled display cases are affordable and can be locked as well to keep your more valuable merchandise safe and sound.

These cases are the most flexible display case available today. They can be customized according to the setup of your retail space and display your merchandize in an appealing manner. Since the tower display cases re free standing, they can be put in different areas to create a balanced look. These display cases come with top lights, in case you want to focus more on the products placed inside the display case.

Wall display cases are an excellent way of making use of the space around the retail space. They are usually custom made depending on the size of your room. Tempered glass is often used to encase the display case and also prevent dust or humidity from seeping in. Many businesses and companies use wall display cases to proudly display all the award and mementoes they have collected over the years.

These display cases come in different styles which offer different levels of vision into the case. They come with adjustable shelves and locking doors to make t useful for displaying valuable merchandise as well.

This is a common style of display cases that are seen in most commercial establishments. It offers a glass top display with shelves on the lower part. The adjustable shelves make it possible for the store to store different products of varying sizes as well.