Centre Unit Ht:     1200mm with dimpled perforated backplate, top & Bottom                                                   Laptop Display with Glass Door Both the side.

   Approximately:   900mm(3) rft per unit

Donracks offers slat wall gondolas that are constructed from premium quality raw materials. It offers a wide range of applications that can be suitable for organizing the goods in any place, be it office, closets, warehouses, garages, etc. Of all the uses of the slat wall gondolas, the most prominent and popular use has been in retail and merchandising outlets for electronic goods.

Donracks is a brand name in the manufacture and supply of racking solutions for both industrial and retail outlets. Though there are varied solutions available for an effective racking system, slat wall display units are found to be very apt for marketing and merchandising electronics goods. The slat wall gondolas are very sturdy and durable therefore can withstand rugged handling which is common in customer walk-in retail outlets.

The superior quality slat wall gondolas for electronic stores are made from high grade raw materials and are capable of showcasing the best of products that are displayed on these. The structure and design of these units are compact, hence ensuring that it saves plenty of floor space. This is usually located in close to the wall where underutilized floor space can be better utilized as it occupies the least space but provides for storage of electronic products.

These gondolas can be easily installed and also relocated in any area if need be. Slat wall gondolas from Donracks are come in two types; the first of those are the slat wall wall gondola. This is fixed to the wall and has dimpled perforated back plate. Added to that is a top canopy for elegance, cable manager for cable insertions and connectivity and has a slat wall hook to hold electronic products that are on display on these wall units.

The construction design is such that it has a sturdy base that helps to hold the heavy objects that are mounted on it. The slat wall wall gondola is offered in a common height of 1250 mm, with variable length of 877 mm and 1175 mm. The depth of these gondolas is 600 mm. Slat wall wall gondolas are used popularly to hold split ACs.

The second type offered by Donracks is the Slat wall center gondola. This comes in variable measurements and the best suited can be chosen for specific retail outlets. The features of these gondolas are the same as that of the slat wall wall gondolas only that instead of being attached to the wall, these are used as center racking systems. These typically resemble usual center racking gondola systems. These are extensively used to store and display bulky electronic goods that cannot be stored in the regular sleek racks or slat units.

Donracks offers the Slat wall center gondolas in the following dimensions; 764 mm, 1093 mm, 1423 mm, 1752 mm, 2082 mm and 2410 mm in height; 602 mm, 762 mm, 876 mm, 1050 mm and 1175 mm in length and 300 mm, 375 mm, 450 mm, 525 mm and 600 mm in width.