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The textile hanger racks are highly functional, easily accessible, portable and offer great sturdiness to bear the weight of the clothes that are on display. These are very similar to the textile hanger inclined display units only that instead of an inclination these are straight. These offer the flexibility of moving the garments on the hangers in order to have a good look at the garment which may not be possible with the inclined hanger system. Donracks offers textile hanger straight display units that come with flexible adjustments that enable to display variety of garments while making intelligent use of the hanging space. This helps to achieve maximum storage density irrespective of the length of the garments that are hung from these hanger racks. It offers a safe, secure and easy access option.

Being made from high quality raw materials, these textile straight hanger display units offer a smooth glide when the garments are moved in the hanger unit. The steel is purchased from highly reliable sources and the graded steel is also of international quality. The metal is pretreated as well to ensure that it is highly durable and offers the much needed stability and sturdiness that make it highly durable. The powder coating finish ensures that the metal used is anti corrosive. Being a portable unit, these straight hangers for textile showrooms can be moved and stored in closed locations at the end of the day to be replaced back again once a new day has begun.

In addition to the textile hanger straight display units, Donracks also offers:

The textile hanger straight from Donracks comes in standard dimensions with height of 1200 mm, length of 450 mm and depth of 450 mm. The unit is designed to end in upward curves that make it easy for loading and unloading garments while ensuring that the garments don’t slide down the rack.