Height :              1800mm, 1800mm
     Length :              1200mm, 900mm
     Depth :                B-750mm/T-525mm, B-750mm/T-525mm
     Addons :             —

Storing perishables in a retail unit isn’t an easy task as it requires the right arsenal that will be able to do it successfully without damaging the produces. It becomes necessary to store fruits and vegetables in an open racking system where there is easy and free movement of air which is very essential to prevent decay and rot.

Fruits and vegetable racks are different from the regulars in the retail outlets such as the gondola racking system, wall channel racks, four sided racks, etc. Fruits and vegetable racks must be designed such that it can store large sized varieties and produces at ease while still being able to accommodate the small sized ones. 

There are various fruit and vegetable racking systems available in the present day. Donracks being experts in offering the right racking solutions for retail and industrial units offer quite a handful of options that can come in handy for any regular vendor unit of these perishables.

Fruit and vegetable adjustable racks, fruit and vegetable stainless steel racks, fruit and vegetable top canopy racks and fruit and vegetable tube type racks are some common types of racking systems that are offered by Donracks. Amongst the different options fruit and vegetable tube type racks are handy as it is capable of storing both larger varieties of produces as well as smaller ones.

Fruit and vegetable tube type racks from Donracks are constructed from high quality raw materials in accordance to the norms and standards laid down by the industry. The pretreated steel ensures that the end product is reliable, sturdy and enjoys a longer durability. It is also designed to facilitate easy portability.

These are spacious and separate racks that can be set inside a retail outlet according to the requirement of the vendor. It is safe and easy to use. The robust construction and high tensile strength facilitates to hold large sized loads of perishables. The racks are fabricated with the help of advanced machines and technologies.

The standard modular tube type fruit and vegetable racks from Donracks come in a couple of sizes. Though the height of 1800 mm is the same for both the length varies – it is offered at standard lengths of 900 mm and 1200 mm with a depth of 525 mm for the top racks and 750 mm for the bottom ones.