Donracks is highly reputed for offering an exclusive range of supermarket racks. Adding to the already exhaustive list of racking systems that are offered by the company is the special add-on – supermarket alligator bins. These bins are robustly constructed under the watchful eyes of industry experts and are constructed according the international quality standards. It is suitable for display as well as safe storage of items on a supermarket.

Alligator bins from Donracks boast of superior quality finish and enhanced durability. These are stand-alone bins that can be combined together to form a mini-rack system which can be placed near the cash counters or adjacent to the gondola racks to cover up for some additional space. Alligator bins can be used as additional storage facilities when the storage quantity is less. Such bins provide good economic alternatives to shelving for products that are less in volume.

With the rich experience and expertise in the supply of supermarket racking systems, Donracks offers alligator bins that are well suitable for storing high voluminous products that are popular for its accurate dimensions, easy portability and reliable design. The design is such that the products are not only displayed attractively but can also be picked easily by supermarket customers.

Alligator bins from Donracks are offered in standard modular dimensions of 1420 mm in height, 380 mm in length and 380 mm in depth. Alligator bins complement other independent storage systems such as the impulse bins, stall bins and cage racks. Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.