The experience and expertise of Donracks has yielded many an advantage for the common retailer by providing some of the best contemporary supermarket racking solutions in the country. With expert fabrication, apt design and high grade raw materials used in the construction make the products, accessories and add-ons from Donracks a flawless option.

There are many add-ons that Donracks offers to its merchandising customers. Some of them are; supermarket broom stands, supermarket stall bins, supermarket alligator bins, supermarket impulse bins, ball cage racks, etc. Supermarket broom stands from Donracks is in compliance with predefined industry standards and is constructed using advanced German machinery and cutting edge technology.

The highlight points of Donracks supermarket broom stands include:

The raw materials used for construction of supermarket broom stands are sourced from extremely reliable vendors who offer internationally standardized steel. The steel is pretreated that enhances its reliability and durability and powder coated to make it corrosion resistant. The broom stand comes with wheels that enable it to be manoeuvred at ease. This also makes it very adaptable as it can be placed in corners or at locations where it is best suited from time to time depending on the movement of retail customers. The broom stands from Donracks are available in a standard dimension which can easily fit into any retail outlet’s floor plan. It is 765 mm in height with bottom diameter measuring 380 mm and top diameter reading 460 mm. Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.