Wired mesh basket racks are customized racking solutions to hold similar goods and brands in one place. These are space saving and help in efficiently storing goods and products in a neat and orderly fashion. Supermarket Mesh Basket Racks are convenience racking solutions that are not only beneficial for the merchandising unit but also for the end user who shops them.

The products can be segregated based on its brand, type and pricing and can be ideal in cases where there are differential brands and pricing for the same product line. The peg board design of the racks are the same to that of a wall channel racking system the only difference being that instead of racks and shelves we have wired mesh basket racks.

Donracks being experts in supermarket racking solutions offers standard modular units of Supermarket Mesh Basket Racks in heights of 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ & 8′; lengths of 2’ (minimum), 2.5’ , 3’, 3.5’ & 4’ and depth of 300 mm, 375 mm,450 mm, 525 mm & 600 mm. Mesh stoppers are used for these racks as well.Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.