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  • Height : 3′,4′,5′,6′,7′ & 8′
  • Length : 2’ (minimum), 2.5’ , 3’, 3.5’ & 4’
  • Depth : 300mm,375mm,450mm, 525mm & 600mm
  • Addons : Mesh stoppers (or) Aluminium & acrylic stopper

Supermarket Shopping Baskets come in handy while shopping for lesser quantities of goods. These are ideal for customers who drop in to pick up a handful of items that are lighter to carry. Therefore it becomes important to offer a lighter basket that does not cause problems for shoppers. This is exactly what Donracks offers – shopping friendly light weight yet sturdy, strong, foldable handle supermarket shopping baskets that can be stacked to save space.

The flat handles make it easy to carry. Shopping baskets from Donracks come in popular colors of red, green and blue. It is pertinent to remember that Donracks also offers handy to use supermarket trolleys and supermarket trolley baskets.Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.