Manufactured and constructed with heavy duty steel components, supermarket racks from Donracks make solid, highly durable and versatile racking systems that can suit the need and requirement of any merchandising unit. Amongst the many racking systems that are on offer from Donracks, retail racks have a special mention among its customers.

Supermarket racks end gondolas are the end units to a supermarket centre gondola unit. Unlike the usual gondolas, these do not have merchandise holders or shelves on both sides but offer a single side merchandise capability. These feature typically at both ends of a gondola run especially in centre units. End displays can be seen with or without the gondola run but are designed very similar to it.

Supermarket end gondola racks have a peg board to support the shelves and a firm and solid base that helps in upholding the structure. This offers a strong and versatile display option. Each of these shelves has sturdy, slim and multi-position steel brackets that offer the flexibility of using these standard modular shelves for multiple merchandising applications.

These end gondola units are available at varying heights, lengths and depths. The high rise aluminium stoppers prevent the goods from sliding and falling off the rack which is very useful in supermarket racking applications. Supermarket end gondola racks from Donracks are available at 764 mm, 1093 mm, 1423 mm, 1752 mm, 2082 mm & 2410 mm in height; 602 mm (minimum), 762 mm, 876 mm, 1050 mm & 1175 mm in length; and 300 mm, 375 mm, 450 mm, 525 mm & 600 mm in depth.

The end gondola racks are also popular in computer stores, sports merchandise outlets, liquor shops, health and beauty aids retail outlets, convenience stores, pet stores, grocery stores and automobile shops, to name a few.Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.