Textile racks are mostly customized racks that are made to suit the requirement of the products that will be on display. Some are hanger systems while others are rack systems. While the hanger systems are commonly used to display fast moving clothes, the rack system is used to display stock of the same type, pattern or design. These racks help to display clothes in proper order that will help in easy arrangement and retrieval of goods. Donracks offers exclusive racking solutions that provide the ideal storage systems for textile showrooms. There are different attractive designs with varied storage capacities. Donracks manufactures and supplies garment rack systems under the expert guidance of designers and talented professionals using high quality raw materials that lives up to international standards. These multi-purpose racking solutions from Donracks are well suited for textile, commercial laundries, boutiques and retail garment outlets. 

Donracks offers a wide range of display garment racks for a comprehensive storage solution at a competitive price. The sophisticated design ensures that all the garments in the showroom can be comfortably stored and displayed without occupying much of floor space which is very essential in showrooms as it is important to give proper movement space for the walk-in customers. All the racking solutions provided by Donracks are stable, durable and sturdy. The racks are appreciated for the fine finish and the varied choices to suit differential needs of the clients.

   Textile center racks
   Textile hanger straight display units
   Textile hanger inclined display units
   Textile round wooden racks
   Textile rack centre mini gondolas

   Textile rack wall gondolas without base
   Textile rack wall gondolas with base
   Textile rack center gondolas
   Personal care shelves and
  Textile inclined holders

The gondolas are popular types of racks used for the textile industry as it offers the flexibility of storing garments on both sides of the hard boards. The textile rack centre gondolas are ideal choices for big garment showrooms as they can hold more goods. Textile rack centre gondolas from Donracks come with a fine finish with the retail outlet being offered the choice of shelf style. There are the flat, plain and simple shelves, then the curved partial semi-circle type to choose from. The retail outlet can choose the kind of shelves or hanger systems to be installed on these rack centre gondolas. The preferences can be customized according to the need and requirement of the client. The standard choices for rack centre gondolas come at a height of 1500 mm, differential lengths of 600 mm and 900 mm and at differential depths of 450 mm and 600 mm.