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Textile racks need to adhere to the need of the textile merchandiser as the more apt the textile display, better will be the sales. Though there are different types of racking and storing systems available, showrooms popularly use the gondola type racking system where the two sides of a common pegboard or hard board are used as racks. 

This type of racking system is very popular in,

There are plenty of choices available while choosing the ideal racking solution for a textile showroom. Donracks offers the best in the line when it comes to textile racking solutions and some of the common racking systems offered by them include

textile center racks
textile hanger straight display units
textile hanger inclined display units
textile round wooden racks
textile rack centre mini gondolas

textile rack wall gondolas without base
textile rack wall gondolas with base
textile rack center gondolas
personal care shelves
textile inclined holders

All the racking solutions mentioned here can be used as per the need and requirement of the client. Available floor space, vertical space and portability requirements are some of the common things that are considered while deciding on the ideal racking solutions for textiles showroom in the present day. Centre racking systems are some of the common systems that are found in textile showrooms where the racks are ideally gondola types.

Textile centre racks – mini gondola types are the most preferred in most showrooms as these do not occupy much space but solve the purpose of displaying, storing and stacking clothing. Textile centre racks are used commonly for storing different sizes of the same design, pattern or brand which makes it easy for walk-in customers to choose their favorite.

Also, these mini gondola type centre racks are used in places where there are space constraints for textile rack center gondolas that are a tad larger. Textile centre racks from Donracks are made from quality raw materials that offer a stable, sturdy and durable end product. These racks come in a standard modular type that is well suited for any showroom.