Personal care products have become common in textile showrooms where they are displayed separately in a special rack which highlights the products displayed. The racks though have to be specifically designed to showcase all the products.

Donracks offers exclusive textile personal care racks that are offer both storage as well as display racks. Personal products display does not require a lot of height and depth similar to that of the regular textile racks. Donracks offers plenty of textile racking solutions to suit the need and requirement of the textile showroom. Alongside the personal care racks Donracks also offers


Textile personal care racks from Donracks are constructed from high grade raw materials that assure its stability, sturdiness and durability. The design is apt to be suited for any textile showroom and also the display header on top of the racking system helps to insert labels of personal product brands which give an additional promotional edge for the products on display. Also, it is common to see some bigger textile showrooms opting to use more than one of these racks where they allot one rack per brand offering a bigger boost to their promotional campaign for personal care products. Donracks offers standard modular racks for personal care products. These are offered at standard height of 1800 mm; 900 mm length and 500 mm depth.