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Plastic bins and crates form an integral part of a storage system. These help to store goods especially those that are smaller in size and greater in quantity. Bins and crates help to segregate goods that are similar yet different. For instance bolts of different sizes can be stored in different bins but can still be stocked together in the same rack for ease of identification and operational efficiency. Plastic bins are very useful for inventory management and are popularly found in work in progress stores, assembly lines and stock units that hold tiny items.


CapacityDimensions in mm
Code No.LitresLengthWidthHeight
WPC 1.0110300200150
WPC 1.5115400300120
WPC 2.0120400300220
WPC 2.5125400300250
WPC 3.0130400300300
WPC 3.0230400300125
WPC 4.0140600400175
WPC 4.0240500320250
WPC 5.0150525360305
WPC 6.0160600400285
WPC 7.0170600400320
WPC 7.0270525360400
WPC 8.0180600400375
WPC 9.0390600400430
WPC 11.01110600400485
WPC 11.02110960360315
WPC 11.031101000400150
WPC 13.01130930450315
WPC 14.01140750500385
WPC 18.011801285450315
WPC 19.01190580580560
WPC 22.01220820545540
WPC 25.01250825565600
WPC 30.01300940625520
WPC 40.014001145760635


CapacityDimensions in mm
Code No.LitresLengthWidthHeightBottom Clearance
Wppc – 11000117510001000150
Wppc – 21000100010001175150
Wppc – 1320855755640140

Plastic Bins

Donracks offers plastic bins and crates that can be of great use for those who are keen on efficient stock management that help to reduce costs and offers better return on investment. Plastic bins can be stored at ease and are used extensively in stock units where goods are handled manually. These bins are also popularly used in closed loop applications and long term storage facilities.

The racking system greatly determines the kind of bins to be used. Size and type of racking system plays a vital role in the choice of bins and vice versa. It also depends on the kind of goods stored and its handling preference. Bins are also available in different sizes to suit the requirement of the client. There are many types of plastic bins used in the present day and amongst them the popular ones such as collapsible plastic bins, rotomolded plastic bins, plastic hopper bins and macro plastic bins are used extensively.


Plastic containers and crates are used ideally for conveyor mobility, processing units, stock picking, assembling units and storing units. High density polyethylene is the popular material used for these crates and containers that adds to its strength. Crates and containers can hold heavy duty goods and bulky goods. Some of these come with lids that protect the goods stored from dust and contamination.

Containers and crates though popularly are available in plastic, can also be offered in metal. Rigid steel containers can hold heavy duty goods but cannot be stacked too often like the bins. These can be used in warehouses and commercial storage applications. Heavy duty vented steel containers are more durable than the plastic counterparts for storing heavy goods. Bulk containers are also used for storing heavy items and are popularly used in manufacturing industries and storage houses. Pallet containers are known for their extensive use in the food processing and textile industries.