Top Benefits of Mobile Industrial Shelving Units

Empty mobile shelving unit made of steel.

An Introduction to Mobile Shelving Units

Mobile shelving units are exactly what the name implies. A single unit comprises multiple shelves or filing cabinets mounted on a moving track that allows you to shift them to any place you deem appropriate for use. Ever since these shelves stormed into the market, they have proved their versatility and have effectively replaced redundant static shelves.

Mobile shelving units, according to any leading industrial racks manufacturer, are rapidly replacing traditional units because of their capacity to increase storage space by up to 50%. Whether you own an office, warehouse, industry, or manufacturing unit, using the available space is a major prerequisite. Mobile shelving units are designed to effectively store files, books, and smaller items that clutter up your space.

Wondering if mobile shelving units are apt for your business? Here’s a list of storage facilities where these units prove to be a great investment.

6 Business Where Mobile Shelves Play a Crucial Role

1. High-volume warehouses

Space optimisation is a constant challenge in high-volume warehouses, especially when the facility is brimming to maximum capacity. Evidently, these warehouses have heavy-duty shelving units covering the length and breadth of the floor and walls. However, the biggest challenge is ensuring the shelves are not overloaded with inventory, which is a major risk.

Here’s where mobile shelving units serve as the perfect supplemental storage option. Designed to bear heavy loads, they can be repositioned to create a designated area for manual operations.

2. Distribution centres

Mobile units play a major role in helping distribution centres:

  • Meet their daily operational demands.
  • Improve the workflow.
  • Increase the accessible storage space.
  • Transport inventory without unloading the shelves.

3. Retail storage spaces

A major requirement in retail spaces is transferring stock from the stockroom to the shop floor regularly. Apart from helping transport stock from one area to another, mobile shelving units can also be used to display items in retail stores. You can also move the entire unit to a safe room before locking up and simply move it back for display the following day.

4. Archival storage

Documents, files, and archival items can become major space issues without the right shelving solutions. Here again, mobile shelving units help store these all-important documents and enable easy access whenever required.

5. Auto shops and garages

Mobile shelving units are the best solution for compartmentalised storage of bolts, nuts, screws, tools, machinery, sprints, drills, and whatnot. Moreover, the entire unit can be moved to the workstation or car lift during a job.

6. Cold storage

Cold storage units store perishable items like meat, fish, poultry, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Mobile wire shelves are extremely beneficial in this environment because the open-wire design promotes air circulation and keeps the stock fresh for a longer duration.

As can be seen from the list above, mobile shelving is highly preferred by many storage facilities. Our next section lists the many benefits these businesses gain from investing in these amazing storage solutions.

9 Amazing Benefits of Mobile Shelving Units

In the current financial situation, cost-effectiveness and space optimisation are the major challenges for many businesses. Fortunately, mobile shelving units are very handy because of their multiple benefits.

Reasonable price

These units serve a dual purpose- they free up the space WITHOUT burning a hole in your pocket. The cost of mobile shelving units works reasonably well, especially if you want to expand your existing space without opting for expensive shelving solutions. These shelves provide extra storage space at a much lower cost than other options.

2. Versatile storage

Mobile shelving can be easily customised to meet the needs of each business. These shelves are versatile, offering ample space to store documents and papers or heavier items requiring deeper and more substantial storage.

3. Workspace efficiency

Mobile shelving units enable better categorisation and organisation of inventory, especially with small items. With these shelves, staff can easily find their needs without wasting time looking for them. Quick access to inventory promotes work efficiency, boosting work morale.

4. Enhanced security

People who run businesses dealing with consumer data, prototypes, and other valuable items benefit from using mobile shelving units that improve accountability and safety. These shelves feature customised locks and programmable security systems, so only those with authorised access can access the items stored in them.

5. Ideal for Business growth

Mobile shelving and racking could be the ideal solution for your business if you plan to grow in the years to come. Systems like these allow for the expansion of a company’s footprint in the short- and long-term while providing high-density storage.

6. Workplace safety

Generally, mobile shelves are one of the safest storage solutions. Moreover, they also play a big role in ensuring safer work environments for your staff by minimising injuries and accidents.

7. Reduced storage footprint

As mentioned earlier, with mobile shelving, businesses can simultaneously reduce their storage footprint by 50% while maintaining 100% capacity. Compared to traditional storage options such as lateral shelving, mobile shelving is 300% more effective.

8. Centralised storage

These mobile units allow you to move all the stored items to a centralised space that’s safe, convenient, and easily accessible. Shelves carrying unused items can be combined together, leaving access to units that are in use. Having fewer aisles to maintain allows you to save valuable storage space, utilise the full footprint, and fulfil your expanding business needs.

9. Aesthetic value

Want to add that wow factor to your office? Get customised mobile shelves that suit your office colour and decor. These shelves are available in various shades with graphic or vinyl end panels and fitted with sturdy wheeled traction systems. You can also choose from different models like:

  • Low-profile mobile storage.
  • Track-mounted high-density storage.
  • Electronic high-density storage.
  • High-density storage.

Pick your choice to make your office look unique and useful.

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Mobile shelving units are a great choice for any business. If you are looking for durable, affordable, and efficient options, Donracks, Chennai is the best source. Call us for an in-depth consultation of your business storage needs. We can help you find the best solutions at affordable prices. So, contact our experts today!

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