Premium Slotted Angle Racks For Bangalore At Donracks

Donracks’ Easy Assembly Slotted Angle Racks

To the cool city of Bangalore with a relaxed attitude and pleasant climate, Donracks offers a simple assembly slotted angle rack for all their storage needs. The leading manufacturers of slotted angles in the capital, with four basic structures (upright, gusset, bolt and steel shelf) we build a complete unit.
An effortless assembly that requires no welding is not all you get with Donracks. Every slotted angle we deliver is made from superior-quality material and under the strict eyes of trained professionals.

Sturdy, Tough & Adaptable Slotted Angle Racks in Bangalore

Slotted angle rack manufacturer in India - Donracks

Key Features

Precise compartments with precise dimensions.

High load bearing strength with high durability.

Water resistant and dent resistant.

Easy to install and easy to move.

Adjustable height for ample storage space.

Free from sharp edges for safer usage.

Donracks, The Perfect Choice for Slotted Angle Racks

For the bustling Silicone Valley of India, Donracks pays pivotal importance to material, usage and maintenance. It is why we improvise our slotted angle product range time and again. When you pick us for your storage needs, you select the perfect choice.
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Moving beyond the basic qualities, Donracks puts the focus on other elements that make your storage seamless. Our slotted angles are incredibly light in weight. You can move them from one location to another without giving it a second thought.

Need to know more?

Give Donracks a call. Our experts are at your service and happy to answer any queries and requests.

For those who can’t fit a standard size slotted angle, we give our Bangalore customers customised solutions. Tell us your specifications and we’ll build a rack that fits it. If you’re looking for a rack that matches the hip vibe of the megacity, our elegant finish slotted angles come in a sophisticated grey that compliments modern décor.

Thinking Slotted Angles? Think Donracks.

Need storage solution for a palletised store in Bangalore?
Donracks has the answer. Need storage for a non-palletised store in the metropolis?
Donracks has the answer to that too. From partition plated to cladding sheets, from corner plated to plastic fleet, the slotted angles we manufacture are suitable for everything.
Worried about the installation of slotted angle racks?
We even take care of that. Donracks gives unparalleled, holistic service. Starting from designing the blueprint of your tailored slotted angle to installing the racks, we are with you every step of the way.