Cantilever racks have become one of the best effective storing solutions in the present day, thanks to its versatility and space saving usage. Heavy, unrelated bulky items can be sorted according to size and commodity and stored in these racks thereby helping in organizing a manufacturing facility, lumberyard or a warehouse. Donracks racking solutions offers supreme quality cantilever racks that can promote labor efficiency, avoids injury while offering accuracy in stock taking enabling a better stock management system.

Cantilever racking is very useful for storing items such as appliances, rolls, piping, building materials, flooring materials and furniture. Cantilever racking system facilitates the maximum use of vertical storage space. Donracks offers customized racking solutions for its customers and hence the support arms of these racks can vary in number, capacity and depth depending on the type of load stored. Since the rows are open, it allows easy access and secure load support. 


There are plenty of advantages that an industrial unit can enjoy when they choose Cantilever racking. Some of them are listed below


It is possible to store any type of load though popularly it is being used for lengthy, bulky and odd shaped goods.


Goods can be placed anywhere in the entire stretch of the cantilever rack while still ensuring thereby ensuring easy placement while adhering to the norm of having the right commodity in the right place.

Increases Labor Efficiency

In an industrial unit more often than not bulky items are misplaced and not arranged in an orderly fashion. Cantilever racking system will ensure that this is made good thereby saving time and increasing efficiency of labor.

Compact Solution

Without a front column this rack structure saves plenty of horizontal space thereby making it an ideal choice for small sized storage units.​

Ease of Use

Loading and unloading of goods are relatively easier on the cantilever racking system thereby reducing the handling time of commodities significantly.

Cost Effective

Effective space utilization and increase in the labor efficiency ensures that this system offers one of the best cost effective racking solutions. Cantilever is especially cost effective in the cases of lengthy goods as any other common racking system’s cost can weigh you down.