Pick The Best Ever Slotted Angle Racks In Trichy

Donracks’ Superior Slotted Angle Racks in Trichy

Donracks, the prominent manufacture of storing systems in India, offers international quality slotted angles in Trichy. Established with an ethos to deliver an array of solutions, our slotted angle racks are the perfect answer to small storage needs.

The products we manufacture are almost weightless; free from sharp, poking edges and have absolutely stable bases. In addition, the slotted angles are made with precise dimensions to provide precise compartments that have a high load bearing strength. From 100 kgs to 250 kgs, each shelf has the capacity to carry any item or items equal to this weight.

Key Features


Dent resistant


Water resistant


Rust resistant


Adjustable height


Equally spaced shelves


Wide storage space


Easily movable


Easy to install


Maintenance free

Trichy’s Highly Durable Storage Solution

For the Metro City devoted to the Gods, Donracks gives godly devotion to storage solutions. We fabricate slotted angles are extremely durable due to immense material strength. Made from cold-rolled steel, then finished with a heavy and non-flaking galvanisation, our steel angles are top-notch. In terms of usage, we offer enhanced sturdiness with a powder-coated finish that makes each slotted rack resistant to corrosion.


Slotted Angles : An Answer For

Slotted angle rack manufacturer in India - Donracks

For the city situated on the banks of Cauvery, Donracks offers its slotted angle racks as an answer for every possible need. From commercial to residential purposes to various industries, we designed and manufactured products for

Slotted angle rack manufacturer in India - Donracks

Need customization? Think Donracks

Although standard specification slotted angles are the most used, with years of experience, Donracks knows that a few clients always need customisation. To that end, we offer racks in various sizes that suit the demands of our customers. Our experts even have the know-how to deliver bespoke slotted metal racks made in accordance with very specific measurements.

When you choose Donracks for your slotted angle needs, you get racks that are shelf height adjustable and flexible to your suitability. Looking for tailored-made slotted angles that also match your modern Trichy décor?

With us, you’ll get elegant racks finished in subtle grey. Send us an email now to know more.

Buy The Best Slotted Angles

Not to toot our own horns, but we do offer the best slotted metal angles in the Rockfort city. Why?

Because besides paying pivotal attention to design and quality, we deliver unparalleled service. Donracks not only fabricates a useful storage system for small parts and spares but also install them for you.

You can use our racks for cladding sheets, corner plates, plastic fleet, partition plates, label holders, nuts and bolts and much, much more. Find out where you can utilise slotted angle racks in Trichy.