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Donracks, the prominent mezzanine floor manufacturers in Trichy, gives you the space of two floors with just one. Made with the utmost quality standards and integrated with unique design features, our mezzanines are best for.

Fabricated using sheet metal, Donracks’ mezzanine can withstand huge payloads and weather the wear and tear of the most intensive industrial application.

Allow us to increase usable height within your warehouse. Ask for a quote.

A Rockfort City Worthy Solution

For the city located on the banks of Cauvery, Donracks gives a matching solution that increases storage capacity to a great extent.

Invincible Making

Donracks employs only optimal quality steel for manufacturing mezzanine floors. Plus, it is done under the watchful eye of skilled and qualified experts.


Easy Installation

Our mezzanine floors require no welding as the design is modular and construction is done through fasteners making installation a breeze. There is minimal site disruption.


Donracks uses the latest technology for accuracy and productions, which enable us to offer competitive pricing that fits your budget.

Custom Built

While we have a variety of standard size mezzanine solutions ready at hand, Donracks is known for custom fits.


Our mezzanine floors come with a flexible load rating, deck layouts and deck heights. Because they are adjustable, your operations and maintenance become simpler.


The best part about Donracks’ mezzanine floor is that they can be dismantled and relocated effortlessly if the client requires such.
Have a unique requirement?

Send us your specification. We’ll fabricate bespoke mezzanine floors for you.

Top Quality Mezzanines in Trichy For Leading Businesses

Donracks brings revolutionary inventions in mezzanine flooring to Trichy. Because mezzanine floors are not counted among the overall levels of a building, they give a business an extra edge. The very edge needed for a business to grow. What’s even better is that high-density storage is possible with mezzanines in virtually every industry and area.

Need a low maintenance answer to maximising space in the vertical cube?

Learn what Donracks can do for you, get in touch at sales@donracks.com.

Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Donracks Promise Is Trustworthy

Donracks pledges to use only superior raw material, deliver on time and cater the best customer service. To fulfil the three goals, we take every possible step.
First, we work alongside our client from the blueprint phase to the installation phase. Second, we use deck materials that suit the span and run of your mezzanine floor. Finally, we ensure a long shelf life with sturdy and corrosion-resistant floors.

You can rely on and trust the promise Donracks makes. Don’t take a word for it. Take a look at our past mezzanine floor clients.

If It’s Mezzanine, Make It Donracks

There is a reason Donracks has become the recognisable name for mezzanine floor manufacturing in Trichy. Every step we take is a move towards achieving a higher degree of excellence. From using the latest computerised tech for designing to incorporating platforms and good lifts to make the movement of goods more manageable for you, we leave no stone unturned.

Get mezzanine experts. Get Donracks.