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We are a one-of-a-kind company providing complete storage solutions that are exemplary in quality, design, and service. Are you fretting over the hassle of choosing the right mezzanine floor for your workspace or industry?

 Worry not. We have got you covered.

The Go-To Place For Storage Amenities In Vijayawada

In the beautiful city of Vijayawada, Donracks is a well-established and well-known supplier of storage solutions. We bring you a wide array of shelves and racks. Our services extend beyond storing facilities to mezzanine floors too. Donracks mezzanine floors and industrial platforms are built to transform your workspace.

Look No Further Than Donracks Mezzanine Floors

At Donracks, we construct state-of-the-art mezzanine floors that fits in the space in between the main floors of your industrial space. Donracks give you the freedom of customizing your mezzanine floor to suit your office or industry. Use Donracks to showcase your imagination and creativity through your mezzanine floors.

Discover the excellent features of our mezzanine floors

Usage of Supreme quality steel and other material.

Transforms the empty space into a multi-functional workspace.

Strength, safety and stability.

Quick-to-install interlocking system.

Provides two levels of mezzanine in one environment.

Powder-coated exterior enhances durability and resistance to corrosion.

Types of mezzanine available in Donracks Vijayawada


Roll Formed

Rack Supported

Shelf Supported

Racks for FIFO systems

Mezzanine with slotted angle racks

Additional features of Donracks Mezzanine

Sturdy staircases :

Customized handrails, Railing with wire meshes, Railings with pickets:
Cable wiring :

Colour options :

Safety gates, Swing gates ,Pivot gates, Sliding gates:

Our robust staircases provide access across the mezzanine floor.

You get to add your personal touch to the handrails adorning the mezzanine stairway.

Blue, Black, Grey, Yellow, Red and White.

The safety of your precious cargo is our priority. Our specially designed safety gates are available in a variety of sizes to help with easy loading and unloading of your cargo.

Donracks has dominated the storage solutions industry for nearly 30 years.  We are second-to-none because we settle for nothing but the best. At Donracks, there is simply no room for compromise on quality and service. 

Why choose Donracks?

  • Donracks provides world-class service to its customers.
  • Modular Mezzanines that require no welding.
  • Professionals who know their job well.
  • Minimal intrusion in your workplace.
  • Customization of your mezzanine floor.
  • Incomparable quality and excellent value for money.
  • Incorporates additional features.
  • Adds an aesthetic appeal to your workplace.
  • Quick and efficient service.
  • Regular after-service.

Never fret if you are confused about choosing a design for your mezzanine floor. Donracks has its team of experts who are well-experienced to guide you. Talk to us about your ideas.
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