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Mezzanine Flooring in India
Donrack’s Hyderabad’s premium brand for Mezzanine floors. In the City of Nawabs, we are the leading name for industrial storage solutions.
We at Donracks are committed to giving you the best in Mezzanine floors with no compromise on safety and quality. Our products are designed to last a lifetime and our mezzanine floors are laid out to withstand heavy wear and tear.
Donracks designs your mezzanine floor to fit the empty space between the main floors in your industry or office.  By creating a mezzanine floor, you get more space to carry out multiple functions.

Multiple Types Multiple Benefits

Donracks brings you an exciting range of floor surfaces for you to choose from. Your industrial requirement is our top priority.
  • Structural
  • Roll-formed
  • Shelf-supported
  • Rack-supported
  • Plain-shelving and Flow-shelving for FIFO systems
  • Mezzanine floors with slotted angles

Why Donracks Mezzanine?

At Donracks, quality comes first.  Our premium makes of steel Mezzanine floors is rustproof, sturdy and durable. Powder-coated and manufactured with high standards, they will last a lifetime and give you exceptional value for money.

Components of your mezzanine floor

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Plywood
  • Fibreglass
  • Steel Partitions
  • Aluminium Plating
  • Plywood Floor
  • Fibreglass plating
  • Steel Floor
  • Mezzanine Columns
  • Primary Beams
  • Decking
And that is not all. Our products are packed with features that will give your mezzanine floors an aesthetic look.

Explore Donracks contemporary additional features


Our super-strong staircases provide easy access across the entire space.

Swing gates.
Sliding gates.
Pivot gates.
Rest assured that your precious cargo will be safely loaded and unloaded.

Wire-mesh handrails.
Picket rails.
Cable wiring rails.
Our aesthetically designed handrails fulfil your safety requirements.

Feel free to add a touch of your creativity by customizing the handrail you want.

Comes in six standard colours





Red and White.

Bring your own colour sample and have your mezzanine constructed in your favourite colour.

Powder-coating is Donracks’ way of extending the durability of the mezzanine and keeping it free of corrosion.

Donracks The best value for your hard-earned money

  • Our mezzanine floors are designed to withstand heavy loads.
  • On your premise, we work with minimum disruption as our construction requires no welding.
  • Designed with superior quality raw material, Donracks mezzanine requires low maintenance.
  • Your specifications are our top priority. Your mezzanine is designed to fit your needs.
  • Donracks mezzanine is free-standing, easy to dismantle and relocate.
  • Donracks allows you to use all that free space to enhance your business growth.

Our outstanding installation services are available all over the city of Hyderabad.

Want to know more?

Donracks has 30 years of valuable experience that has given us incredible customers. Our work stands testimony to our dedication in serving you.

Hyderabad is growing at a tremendous pace. We, at Donracks, extend our services to a gamut of industries like .

 Donracks are guaranteed to provide top-notch solutions for mezzanine floors.

Call now and become a part of our prestigious clientele.