Donracks is specialized on working with storage facilities and solutions for a variety of industries that has left us with a deep understanding of the storage systems, requirements and the challenges that industries face in their day to day operations. This knowledge in combination with hands-on experience in providing the best industrial racking solutions in the country makes us one of the most potent forces in this industry.

Industrial Racks for Storage From Donracks

We are driven by a highly experienced team of industrial racking solutions experts who work in tandem with our designers, engineers and project managers. The design, dimensions and length, width and height of the racks are determined based on the type of goods stored, its weight, goods movement methods used, handling equipment, storage space, frequency of goods handled, etc.

Types of Industrial Racks and Shelving Solutions From Donracks

We offer industrial racks for storage for assembly operations, industrial warehouses, home improvement outlets, large scale retail outlets, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. The following types of industrial racks are offered by us to both small scale and large scale industries.

Drive In Racks and Drive Through Racks

Drive in racks and drive through racks are best when many pallets of the same products

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are stored in the same storage facility. Drive in uses the LIFO method and Drive Through uses the FIFO method.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks from Donracks can be used to store heavy, bulky and unrelated items

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on the same shelf arranged according to the size of the item. It is offered as standard, light duty and heavy duty variants.

FIFO Racks

First-in-First-out (FIFO) Racks from Donracks are used for food storage units and

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warehouses that store high volume of goods.

Multi Tiered Storage System

Donracks offers a high quality multi-tire storage system prioritizing safety, strength

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and rigidity. Donracks also offers the flexibility of expanding a single tier storage system into a multi-tiered one on need basis.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking system from Donracks is ideal for those storage

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houses that have very limited floor space.

Plastic Bins and Crates

Donracks offers plastic bins and crates that help in offering better storage in industries. The types of bins used are; collapsible plastic bins,

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rotomolded plastic bins, plastic hopper bins and macro plastic bins. Containers and crates though mostly are used in plastic these days can also be offered in metal if the customer prefers so.

Industrial Shelving Storage System

Donracks offers shelving systems to industrial houses based on the accessibility requirements and the choice of

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ifting equipments in use. The different types of shelving systems on offer are; cantilever shelving, long span shelving, slotted angle shelving, gondola shelving and boltless shelving.

Slotted Angle Racks

Slotted angle racks from Donracks come in different angles, gauges and sizes.

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It is flexible and can be expanded on need basis in the future.

Steel and Plastic Pallets

Donracks pallets are a single piece but sturdy design therefore ensuring that the pallets can hold and store materials to the tune

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the pallets offered by Donracks include; stackable pallets, double faced stackable plastic pallets, rackable plastic pallets, rackable smooth plastic pallets and closed deck rackable plastic pallets.