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The Better Storage Solution: Supermarket Racks

Since 1989Donracks proudly holds the venerable position of being one of the top supermarket racks suppliers. Coimbatore is just one of the cities on our map.And, it’s all thanks to our philosophy of manufacturing only excellent quality display racks. Along with superior raw-material, we design supermarket racks that bring an aesthetic appeal to your store and are strong enough to last a long time.

The Better Storage Solution: Supermarket Racks


Supermarket Racks : Answering Your Display Needs

Donracks answers the storage needs of supermarkets, cosmetics stores, shopping malls and retail shops in Coimbatore. We do so with easy to mount supermarket racks designed with a modular concept.

Choose us for your supermarket in Coimbatore and get.

Wondering how we can solve the display-storage conundrum for your business?

We’ll be happy to provide a standard or customised storage solution to you.

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Innovative Supermarket Racks : The Advantages

Any supermarket rack supplier in Coimbatore can manufacture space-efficient racks. But, it takes know-how and experience to design them with elegance and robustness. At Donracks, we achieve both by.

  • Using Cold Rolled and Cold Annealed (CRCA) steel.
  • Pre-treating the steel in hot zinc phosphate.
  • Then power-coating each display.

Because we make use of only exceptional quality raw material, you get.

  • Extremely durable racks.
  • Pre-treating the steel in hot zinc phosphate.
  • Then power-coating each display.

Reaching Across The Boundaries Of Coimbatore

Donracks supplies supermarket display racks not just in Coimbatore but all-over South India. From Chennai to Bangalore to Hyderabad, our storage solutions reach everywhere.

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A Team Of Experts

Quality material and state-of-the-art technology are two pillars that uphold the reputation of Donracks. The third is a team of expert professionals. They guide and supervise every phase of manufacturing supermarket racks at Donracks. It is their skill that ensures that you buy display racks which stand tall on international quality standards.

The Donracks Benefit

  • Donracks strongly believes that every client should get a hands-on approach.
  • From a small local supermarket in Coimbatore to a large chain store, we offer the same customer service to all.
  • We make certain that our in-depth knowledge of racking solutions benefits your business to the utmost.
  • Every step that we take, be effortless installation or rack customisation, is to exceed your expectations.
  • With us, you not only buy the latest display styles, but you also gain storage solution partners for a lifetime.

Beyond Supermarket Racks

Donracks manufactures supermarket display racks in all standard sizes. But we also know that retail stores in Coimbatore need more. To that end, we even supply.

  • Extremely durable racks.
  • Pre-treating the steel in hot zinc phosphate.
  • Then power-coating each display.
Every product we manufacture is meant to make the shopping experience of your customers seamless. Our racks maximise the display area and give ample space for customers to walk around. All other supermarket related products make selecting and purchasing simpler.

Beyond Supermarket Racks

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