Donracks specifies Drive In Racks and Drive Through Racks for the following cases; 

  • When many pallets of a similar product is stored
  • When goods are stored in cold storage units
  • Storage of seasonal products that needs to be moved out quickly
  • Where goods stored do not belong to a broader variety or classification
  • When there is large quantities of the same product that can be accessed at LIFO position

High density storage houses are benefited by the Drive In and Drive Through Racking System. This static system offers a cost effective solution, and hence Donracks recommends this type of Pallet racking system for those storage houses where space becomes a constraint e.g. cold storage units.

In cold storages where perishable goods are stored in the compact little expensive freezer, it becomes necessary to stack as many pallets as possible in the available space. The Drive-in racking system works on LIFO inventory basis, where the loading and retrieving happens on the same side.

Drive Through racking system on the other hand works on the FIFO (First In First Out) inventory style, where the forklifts can enter from either aisle, thereby enabling loading from one aisle and unloading from the other.

Both these types offer best price bulk storage while guaranteeing stock rotation which is necessary especially in the case of seasonal and perishable goods.