Choosing The Best Industrial Shelving For Your Firm

How do you decide which industrial shelving system is most suited for your business needs? You need to know the basic details about industrial storage shelves before you go ahead with your purchases. There are so many shelving manufacturers nowadays with different varieties of products. Today let’s take a look at the basic types of shelves required in many industries.

Basically there are three kinds of retail racks and shelves. The Rivet type, Wire type and the Steel one.

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Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving can be called one of the most reliable, versatile and most often deployed kind of industrial shelving. It is strong and provides easy access. This bears a capacity of up to 1,850lbs and is constructed using a solid steel frame. Rivet shelves are easy to assemble and can also be fixed to shelves or slid into the prefabricated slots available in the shelving frames. These shelves are also called as boltless shelving. They are mainly used in warehouses, industrial, or storage room applications.


  • Easy installation with no hardware involved.
  • Most economical in all shelves
  • Largest ranges of sizes available
  • One of the highest capacities and can be used for bulk or heavy storage uses.


  • Not very attractive or appealing
  • Will involve more costs for shipping as it is comparatively heavier.
  • While it’s highly customizable in terms of size, there are not a lot of options for it, like you can get with steel shelving. You can put bins on it, but there aren’t many options for things like doors or built in dividers.

This is a favorite among industrial storage racks manufacturers. Generally used in offices,Warehouses, tool cribs, etc.This is installed mainly for high-density applications .It is commonly used for under-mezzanine storage and other types of parts storage. You can get it in both open as well as closed style.


  • Has better adjustability when compared to rivet shelving
  • Facilitates the use of the compression clips in 1″ increments.
  • Easily customizable type.
  • It is an accessorizable shelf.
  • Better in high-density uses as the shelves can be fixed really close to each other
  • This is used in most office settings and will not look out of place
  • Found in many colors for various decorative applications


  • Metal shelving is more expensive.
  • It requires more time and hardware to install.
  • Cannot be converted like others into mobile storage.

Wire Shelving

The most attractive among all shelves is the wire type. These are used in commercial applications and are easily accessible as they is open on all sides.It consists of a wire mesh which is supported by metal frames. Wire shelving are relatively light weight and also resistant to rust and mold. These are commonly used in clean environments like food storage units.


  • This kind easily mounts on casters
  • The shelves are clean, easy to wipe and attractive


  • Wire shelving is more expensive
  • Does not have many size variations

Bin System

This is a great way to make maximum use of your storage area. You can store smaller items in bins. It facilitates quick retrieval and easy movement. They are self contained units which are commonly used to store nails, screws, bolts and many such items which need to be separated by size.

Pallet Racks

Pallet Rack Systems are one of the best storage units which help to maximize the vertical storage space.They are large and heavy duty shelves which are designed for storing fork lift pallets and other items that come with them.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving units have omni-directional wheel housings. These allow easy movement as well as reconfiguration of storage space. They are also great ways to move heavy items without getting injured.

The above mentioned shelving systems are some of the most commonly used ones worldwide. Industrial shelves and racks assist companies to get more organized and become more profitable as well as productive. Most of the above mentioned racks are well known for their durability, easy installation, high storage capacity as well as cost effectiveness. You should always remember to choose the proper shelving systems after careful inspection of your products and storage space.

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