Shelves are integral to determining any industry’s efficiency and business productivity. Industrial racking organizes business products like tools, files, software items, etc., and is an important component in any firm. But the materials used to make the industrial racks must be safe and must not interrupt the work or put the worker at risk. The material of an industrial rack contributes to the life and durability of the shelf, and thus it is essential to reach out to the best storage rack manufacturer for guidance. Let us learn about steel, the most commonly used racking material, and how it serves various industrial storage needs.

An Insight on Steel & Its Properties

Steel is a strong metal alloy made of carbon and iron with an alloying element like chromium. The alloy increases the corrosion resistance property and improves its flexibility. Thus, steel is very much appreciated in various sectors. It is a unique iron alloy that preserves iron’s metallic characteristics in a pure state. However, when carbon is added, steel improves the properties of iron. Steel is found in abundance in nature, but it is considered a strategic material as the production process involves advanced technological methods and techniques. This is the reason most countries are still incapable of producing quality steel.

Types of Steel for Industrial Racks

Apart from chromium, the other alloying elements included in steel are nickel, silicon, manganese, or molybdenum. The composition of these elements in steel will impact and vary its properties. Therefore, there are 3500 different steel grades with various chemical, physical and environmental properties. However, it is mainly categorized based on iron and carbon composition balance.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is also known as structural steel, and produced in considerable quantities in most steel plants. Almost nine out of ten types of steel in global production are carbon steel, and it is used for mechanical and civil construction purposes.

Alloy Steel

Though every steel is an alloy, not all steels are alloy steel. Alloy steel is steel devoid of carbon but contains manganese, chromium, nickel, vanadium, molybdenum, boron, and silicon.

Corten Steel

Steel with alloys like chromium, phosphorus, copper, and nickel are called corten steel. It is highly resistant to oxidation and is used mainly in the cement industry.

Corrugated Steel

Corrugated steel has projections and corrugations on its exterior to help adhere to the concrete. Therefore, it is used in most construction projects to make reinforced concrete structures.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel contains iron, chrome, and carbon and is highly resistant to corrosion. Hence, stainless steel is very durable and used in manufacturing various items used in day-to-day life.

Weathered Steel

Weathered steel has greater resistance to oxidation under normal atmospheric conditions than carbon-manganese steels. This high-strength low-alloy steel acquires a layer of oxide on its outer surface on exposure to humidity or rain.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanized steel contains a coating of zinc and has high protection against corrosion. It has a durable finish and offers the best resistance to various external factors. Galvanized steel is the most attractive and appealing product sought after in the automotive and construction sector. In industries, it is widely used to make open-air warehouse and warehouse interiors.

Why is Steel Ideal for Industrial Racking?

Galvanized steel is the ideal choice for an industrial racking solution. Usually, it is immersed in molten zinc at 450 degrees of temperature. Doing so causes an electrochemical reaction, which makes the steel resistant to extreme environmental conditions and corrosion. Galvanized steel stands out from other steel varieties with a satin-like outer finish which is durable and scratch-resistant. Thus, it is ideal for any storage system.

Significance of Steel in Industrial Storage

Steel shelves can always store great quantities of big and bulky items. A warehouse, distribution centre, or retail outlet must have steel shelves in various sizes and styles to be used for multiple purposes. Let us discuss the benefits of steel shelving for any industrial purpose.


The zinc coating makes any good quality galvanized steel highly resistant to abrasion and shock. Its incredible strength makes it resistant to environmental conditions like oxidation, making it ideal for industrial storage. Thus, steel shelves are considered stronger when compared to other materials in industrial storage.


Galvanized steel has great durability and long life. In industrial racking, its extra outer layer of coating can withstand any external environment. The coating is 80 microns thick and lasts up to:

  • 100 years in a rural environment
  • 40-100 years in an urban environment
  • 20-40 years in an industrial environment
  • 10-20 years in a marine environment

Easy to Assemble

A steel racking system is the immediate storage solution for any warehouse facility. Many types of shelving are always tedious to assemble and require external help. But steel storage systems are very easy to install and assemble. They are less time-consuming as they only have to be riveted together. Steel industrial racks do not require any preparation before assembling the rack, saving considerable amounts of time for everyone. Thus, steel is a user-friendly option for industrial storage.

Zero Maintenance Cost

As galvanized steel is finished with paint on its exterior, it stays in good form for many years. As a result, there are no maintenance costs associated with stainless steel racking systems with only small amounts of service charges. Thus, the price paid for a galvanized steel storage system is entirely worth it.

Better Sustainability

Galvanized steel has a low impact on the environment. The two main reasons are:

  1. It has a long life that does not raise the need for excessive or continuous steel production to repair or replace.
  2. It is easily recyclable.

Temperature Resistance

Steel racks can withstand higher temperatures and greater variations. This is one of the major advantages of using steel for storage in industries. In the case of warehouses that manufacture and store goods that raise their temperature for various reasons, steel racks are best to withstand their temperature variations. Thus, steel racks or storage systems help ensure the safety of the quality of goods.


The steel production process fulfils international and national standards. Therefore, galvanized steel is an ideal choice for industrial racking. It is completely reliable as it complies with various standards and is made with only premium quality raw materials. Furthermore, steel shelves provide great resistance and safeguard the goods with high resistance to corrosion.It is very common to use steel shelves to store fragile items like expensive consumer goods, small industrial parts, or electronics to ensure 100% safety of the goods. Thus, for most goods in an industry, be it big, bulky, small, or fragile, steel is always the right material for a storage system.


Galvanized steel is highly versatile and adaptable because it has an appealing paint-finished appearance. Steel structures reduce construction time as welding and screwing are the basic techniques required to install and elevate them.

The Takeaway

Steel is the prime raw material in many operations that occur in an industry and is an essential material in our everyday lives.Donracks is India‘s best industrial storage rack manufacturer with a wide range of options. We offer contemporary storage solutions supported by an innovative space management techniques with minimum maintenance. Backed by years of excellence and experience, we deliver the best! Interested to know more? We’re  just a message away!

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