The shelving and racking industry evolves everyday as consumers seek better storage options than the ones they currently have. One of the latest innovations to draw attention amongst consumers are the boltless shelves- a true revolution in this industry.

Boltless shelving is the current top choice for good reason: In addition to being affordable, it is “boltless”, which means it is devoid of nuts, screws, and bolts. This amazing design enables easy assembling and disassembling. Chennai’s top storage rack manufacturer, Donracks, says these shelves are a godsend blessing for businesses that rely heavily on storage solutions.

If you haven’t heard of these racks, you must wonder how they work without accessories like nuts and screws. Our article explains everything you need to know about boltless shelving. So, read on.What Is Boltless Shelving & How Does It Work?

There’s a reason why we call boltless shelving “revolutionary”. The shelves are designed with rivets and keyholes instead of the old-fashioned fasteners, bolts, and screws. The shelves are assembled by sliding the riveted ends of the horizontal beams into the keyholes on the vertical posts.

This rivet and keyhole combination helps create interlocked shelving units in any configuration. How easy that sounds, right? You do not need any complicated drills and tools to assemble your units. All you need is a good rubber mallet, and you can assemble the shelf in a jiffy.

Want to relocate the shelf or change the configuration? It should be no problem at all. You can easily take it apart and assemble it wherever and however you want it. This is one of the best aspects of boltless shelves. There are many more benefits which we have explained further in this article.

Like every other available shelving solution, boltless shelves come in various choices to suit your storage space, business, and budget. Let’s take a closer look.

3 Popular Types Of Boltless Shelvings

The boltless shelf comes in three models, each improving a space differently and solving a storage challenge. Understanding which option would work best in the intended space is important before ordering one.

The three basic models vary in shape, weight, capacity, and construction. We break down the details for you as follows:

1. Long span or Double rivet shelving

  • Heaviest type of boltless shelving
  • Ideal for heavy storage loads
  • Highly functional and economical
  • Storage capacity is 2400 pounds per shelf
  • Higher visibility of displayed articles due to fewer posts

2. Low profile or Single rivet shelving

  • Highly versatile and suitable for multiple needs
  • Ideal for mobile and mezzanine systems
  • Economically cheaper option to metal shelves
  • Easy accessibility from all four sides
  • Design flexibility enables various widths and depths
  • Lowest weight capacity among boltless shelves

3. Z Beam Shelving

  • Hybrid design that combines low profile and long span shelving
  • Makes efficient use of space with flexible profile beam

In short, Z Beam shelves have the combined features of the single rivet and double rivet shelving. These aspects are obvious in their durability, strength, and versatility.

Benefits Of Investing in Boltless Shelving For Your Business

Boltless shelving is ideal for storing smaller and more compact, oddly-shaped items. Unlike pallet racking, boltless shelves cannot be the answer for every kind of storage requirement. But it is this aspect that makes it distinctive from other racks.

Here are some reasons to pick boltless racks as your top choice.

1. Durability

While it’s true that boltless shelves are not ideal for extremely large and heavy loads, in no way does this aspect compromise its durability. These units are forged from industrial cold-rolled steel in various thickness. Once assembled, your double riveting boltless shelf is ready to take on loads of upto 2000 pounds. Other varieties too are built to last a lifetime.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Boltless industrial shelving simplifies shelf set-up and provides an economical storage solution for businesses. Many warehouses, supply rooms, homes, and businesses prefer boltless shelving for its economical price point. There are different types of boltless shelving and accessories, all of which are designed for different types of products. Moreover, its easy assembling design saves plenty of time, which in turn, saves money.

3. Efficiency

Good design is always a top criterion, and rivet shelving fulfils this aspect. The design allows shelf adaptability and flexibility for several types of storage configurations. Moreover, they are easily customisable. So you can order them to fit your small, medium, or large business.

4. Accessibility

Boltless shelves allow accessibility from all four sides, making loading and unloading completely effortless. This design also enables complete visibility and lets you store everything in plain sight.
To assemble your perfect shelving set, you must purchase the right units once you have decided which type of rivet shelving is best for your needs. Due to its interlocking design, metal storage shelving is available in separate components for maximum customizability.

Listed below are the main components to assemble your boltless shelving unit.

Accessories For Boltless Shelves & Racks

1. Starter

The starter is a basic shelving unit with the following features:

  • One vertical angle post for each of the four corners
  • Two front to back length angle beams
  • Two left-to-right channel beams per shelf
  • Front-to-back length centre supports for each shelf

To create each shelving row, you will need a starter unit.

2. Adders

Adders act as add-ons to the starters to create long rows. Adders come with:

  • Two vertical tee posts

Using as many adders as you need, you can reach your desired row length.

3. Decking

Decking is the material that forms the actual platform of the shelf. It is available in steel wire and particle board to provide stability and strength to the entire shelf. However, many users prefer 5/8 inch industrial grade particleboard decking because of its cost efficiency and smooth finish.

4. Other Accessories

Apart from these three basic components, other accessories will stabilise your unit under all circumstances. They are:

  • Footplates and wall ties to anchor your units to the floor and wall.
  • Double row and top tie to connect units back-to-back
  • Tie plates to connect separate rows to the angle post

Donracks: The right place for the right advice

Boltless shelving is the latest storage option because it is economical, durable, and versatile. Choose your options carefully to optimise your investment in boltless shelves. And remember that our expert team is ever-ready to help you sort your requirements and find the right storage solution. Do give us a call. We are ready to help!

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