Ideal Storage Solution For Bulky Goods!

Heavy Duty Shelving And Storage Racks Is Your Solution! 

Are you struggling with storage of heavy goods, but you have very limited storage space? The perfect solution to your storage issues is the usage of storage racks that are designed for withstanding medium to heavy loads. Regardless of the type of your goods, these are perfect for adjusting to your available space. Donracks Storage Racks Chennai is very popular in town as it can be assembled and disassembled effortlessly.

From office files to heavy goods storage in warehouses and plants, these storage racks are lifesavers. They can be assembled in such a way that they utilize the whole length of the warehouse. These heavy-duty racks can be custom made to your needs and requirements. These storage racks can also store a wide variety of items and can be accessed directly without much difficulty.

Slotted Angle Racks Are Saviours For Heavy Loads! 

Slotted angle racks are highly capable and are mostly purchased for heavier items and where goods need to be stored for longer periods of time. The buyers are mostly from industries that need to stock up their products for a long while. Hence they mostly prefer customized angle racks that help them create extra space by altering the steel sections. Donracks Slotted Angle Racks Chennai offers a complete solution to such industries and businesses. They are either galvanized or powder coated to prevent rusting and corrosion and ensure long-lasting of the storage racks for years.

Slotted racks can be configured in different combinations for use in multi-level storage levels. It ensures the optimum utilization of the storage space. They offer scalable and flexible storage options as well. Since they can be dismantled easily, it is preferred for shelves that need to be relocated from time to time.

Donracks delivers quality stainless steel storage racks for all your industrial and commerical needs across India. We have warehouses at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Trichy, Hyderabad, Delhi, Vijayawada, Cochin to meet the industrial and retail storage needs.

Specialties of Donracks Slotted Angle Racks Chennai

Most people go for Donracks slotted angle racks because of the various features it provides. Its nuts and bolts assembly, ability to create additional storage space to a large extent using structured steel sections is what makes Donracks their favorite. The usage of sway arrestors in the racks that prevent them from swaying adds stability to the rack. The corner supporters avoid the racks from shaking while heavy to medium loads are being loaded or unloaded during shifting or relocation.

Slotted racks help in utilizing the warehouse flooring space to the maximum as well as the vertical height by providing multi-level storage. Based on individual storage needs, we also provide flexible storage options. Our designs provide simple as well as complex storage requirements.

We have been delivering well designed, dust-free storage with the perfect finish for our customers over the years. Our products are all durable and are mostly multi-purpose racks that can be adjusted according to your needs. With it’s easy to install features, we ensure that our customers find no difficulty in assembling and reassembling the shelves. The proper study of our customer needs and requirements helps us recommend the best optimal storage solution for them. Choose from us and we will help you find the perfect storage solution suitable for you.

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