Guide to Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine Flooring

What is the Mezzanine floor? Have you ever given a thought as why it is used mostly in companies, big or small? Well, in simple terms, Mezzanine floors are the platforms that are raised a little higher. It is mostly installed in the workplace and acts as the storage system for distribution and storage of the products. They are also commonly known as the Floating Floors. The best part is it acts as an additional tier to the vertical existing empty space.
Today, Mezzanine floors are gaining popularity and the city of Chennai is not backing behind. The Mezzanine floor manufacturers in Chennai are uniquely talented and they come with ideas one best than another. So, if you are looking or planning for the Mezzanine floor, then do visit Chennai and take a look for yourself for very different ideas and designs.
There are many advantages to the Mezzanine Floors and they are

    • Cost-Effective Option

      Costing is one of the most prime factors, where every owner of the warehouse takes into consideration. For expansion of business, it comes with a demand for larger storage space to house documents or inventory. You are left with option either relocating to another bigger place or renovating your place. Both would cost a huge sum of money. So the best and the most cost-effective way is to consider Mezzanine floor. They will not only increase your option for storage racks but also will not cause trouble in the working of the workplace.

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    • Flexible Design

      Mezzanine floors are very flexible in nature. They can be easily disassembled or relocated according to their convenience. If your warehouse’s ceiling is high, you can also consider a multi-tier Mezzanine floor. They can serve many purposes like the retail space, showrooms, office and many more.
      The mezzanine floor’s exposed perimeters can be fitted with partitions, handrails and glazed screens for a great and harmonious look. They can be built around poles, along walls and equipment or just as a lengthy expansion. The mezzanine floor can be anything you wish. It can be as tall and wide as you want, but one just has to make sure that it is safe and gets the right support it needs.

    • Sturdy and Light Weight

      The mezzanine floors are very lightweight by nature, but at the same time they are very strong and sturdy. They are able to carry the load in a very excellent form and can be modified to carry various things.

    • Staying in the Current Location

      Because of problems with space, you may even consider to shift to a bigger place or adding extra to the existing place. Renovation and the shifting sure come with a heavy price. But with the help of a Mezzanine professional, your warehouse will get a new look and also will be completed at a much lower cost. The important part is you will not be changing locations if not, it would become difficult for everyone.

Building Mezzanine Floors

  • The mezzanine can be permanent or portable

    One must always remember this custom. It can be made permanent or flexible according to your needs and style. Both the permanent and portable mezzanine floors serve its purpose greatly. But today, flexible floors are chosen widely so that they can easily be removed and fixed elsewhere. The permanent floors are more suitable for machinery and heavy lifting works.

  • Retail Price Increases

    Mezzanine floors have a great impact on storage abilities and retail performances. They can be used to display or set up products, create areas for demos or also a separate area can be created for sales meetings. It is done so that the customers are interested to buy the products right from the shop floor.

Types of Mezzanine Floors

There are many materials that can be used for mezzanine floors and racks. Corrugated Metal is the most common material used for mezzanine flooring. Other materials that can also be used are wood and cement. The cement and the wood are perfect for an office space. However, cement floor makes it immovable, so choose according to your convenience.
Looking at the amazing benefits, the mezzanine floors are very helpful in warehouses of any shape and size. So if you have any plans of extending space, then give a thought for mezzanine floors.

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