Getting The Right Storage Rack For Your Trichy Business: A Full Guide

Best Storage Racks for your Business in Trichy

The storage racking system a business utilises serves as the fundamental framework of all operations. When chosen well, the storage racks become the ideal solution for a space and last for an extended time. The writeup explores how a business in Trichy can select the best possible racking solution for their warehouse or floor.

What are the key steps to selecting storage racks in Trichy?

  • Examine the space to find if the requires shelving or racking. Generally, for large areas like warehouses, industrial racking is a suitable option. They are also useful when product flow is high or the items stored mammoth.
  • Evaluate the type of storage racks Trichy will be best fit the space. The fitting solution can be a combination of styles as warehouse racking needn’t be limited to one size or type.

Which type of storage rack to use for a warehouse in Trichy?

To maximise the space on a shop floor or warehouse, explore all the options available at hand. When perusing through the various racking solutions, consider these factors:

  • What is the product flow?
  • What is the total storage area possible? (include elevation in this number)
  • What SKUs will be stored?
  • Will they be stored on pallets?
  • Will there be a need for machines like forklifts?
  • What is the environment of the storage space? (E.g., freezer, dry, humid)

The type of storage racks a business should be decided on the answers above.

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What are the options for warehouse storage racks Trichy?

Carton Flow Rack

These kinds of storage racks are ideal for products that:

  • Come with expiration dates
  • Differ in size
  • Need cold storage or freezers

Carton flow racks are built on FIFO inventory management – first in, first out. They are highly customisable, making them perfect for distribution centres that have high volume case-pick or piece-pick operations. These racking solutions ensure an SKU is continuously available to the workers as they come equipped with wheels (or inclined rollers). They allow the product to slide from the loading aisle (back) of the rack to the picking aisle (front) with the help of gravity. Carton flow racks also have brakes to control speed.

Selective Pallet Rack

When a warehouse needs access to all stored products simultaneously, then selective pallet racks are ideal. They are also useful for centres that have steady product circulation. This type of racking solution loads and unloads the pallets from the front.

Push Back Rack

This type of racking solution is based on LIFO inventory management – last in, first out. They are excellent for high-density storage as they reduce the aisle area required by the warehouse. Thus, increasing the storage space available. Push back racks are best employed when:

  • Several groups of items need to be accessed at the same time
  • Cold-storage environment like freezers are needed


Push back racks are capable of supporting carts which move on inclined rails.

Pallet Flow Rack

These racking solutions are similar to carton flow racks but are designed for a much larger inventory movement. Utilising the FIFO product management concept, they are perfect for:

  • Materials with different sizes
  • F&B storage
  • Products with quick expiration dates
  • Freezer storage

The wheels on the racks automatically glide the items from the back to the front, allowing fast movement of inventory. The brakes ensure that the speed is always in control.

Drive In & Drive Through Rack

When the products stored are homogeneous and massive quantities, this storage solution is best. They are also beneficial when:

  • The item has a long lifespan
  • The item needs to be moved only one-time

The drive-in racks make use of LIFO concept, where forklifts or lift trucks enter the front of the rack to load or unload a product. The drive-through racks employ the FIFO system, where trucks can load and unload items from the front or the back of the rack. While drive-through racks are definitely more convenient, an additional aisle is necessary.

The Conclusion

A racking solution can be either utilise only a portion of the space or the entire floor. Density and efficiency are easy to maximise, as long as the storage racks put to use are tailored to the area. Donracks, a storage racks Trichy provider, offers both standard and customised racking solutions.
With experts at hand, we can either combine various storage solutions to suit a business’s needs or deliver a single type of storage rack. From dinging the racks that best fit your requirements for installing them correctly, we help you every step of the way. With optimal solutions, we are the only storage racks supplier in Trichy who help run your operations seamlessly and with better productivity.

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