Top 5 Tips For Book Store Display

Setting up book displays is an art unto itself. What books to feature, where to display them, what props to use, how to arrange them in an elegant way that would maximize eyeballs while minimizing space – all these questions require a lot of thought and consideration. Not to mention, the type of book display racks to use also matters. So, how does one go about putting together library or book retail display racks in Chennai?

Five Useful Tips For Setting Up Attractive Book Display Racks

You have already worked out the categories and genres and order of display of the books in your store. But how to make the whole set up exciting and visually appealing?

# Customer is King

Determining the books to feature in your window display or in-store display should follow the customer’s preferences and not the shop owner’s preferences. It is very easy to lose sight of this in practice. So, put your own idea of a good book aside and find what your customers want. Keep an eye out for the trending subjects, current affairs, popular authors and impending book release dates to single out the books you want to put on display. It also helps to pick out books with bright, vibrant covers for your display area.

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Display Shelves For Shops Should Direct Attention To The Books!

# Keep The Focus On Books

The books should, of course, occupy the place of pride on any book shop or library display. So think spotlights, elevated display racks to catch the eye of the buyer. If you are adding props and other seasonal or thematic decorations, be sure not overdo it and clutter the display, taking the focus away from the books.

# Sign Language

  • The display signage used also plays a crucial role. Keep these things to keep in mind:
  • Use proper card stock for making the signs.
  • Keep the words crisp, precise and to the point.
  • Choose a clear, legible font over decorative scripts.
  • Simple, bold colors do the trick better than all the glitter and fluorescent colours in the world.

# Props

Adding meaningful props can make a book display stand out. Artfully selected accessories that are relevant to the subject of the display – such as a broomstick in a display of Harry Potter books, a basket of wool and needles next to a knitting books section – can be the eye-catchers for your customers. But Remember, Less is Always More!

Choosing The Right Book Shop Display Shelves Is Key!

# Shelf Life

Choose your book display racks well. Keep in mind the space available in your store or library. Steel display library book racks can hold large numbers of books while taking up very little real estate themselves. For retail stores, book racks should make books easily accessible to customers. Get in touch with a good bookshelf supplier for consultation and assistance.

With these great tips in place, you can be sure that your little book shop is going to be a roaring success!

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