• Better space utilization of the floor area and cubic storage space
  • Access to individual pallet loads are a necessity
  • Highly efficient stock rotation and stock control is in place
  • Separate and specialized material handling equipment is used
  • Speed of access and through-put-time is important

The Double Deep racking system is another variant of the Adjustable Pallet Racking system. This system allows pallets to be stored a little deeper into the aisle while still offering access to the same. Donracks recommends this racking system for those spaces where space is a major constraint. By minimizing the access aisles, the space can be used for accommodating additional racks, thereby making the Double Deep racking system as a highly effective storage solution.

The speed of access to the pallet positions may be restricted, therefore this type of racking system is recommended for goods that are sparingly moved. This racking system is effective in businesses and storage houses that have an efficient stock management system in place. This system is best suited for goods that have a long shelf life as the stock is managed as LIFO (Last in First Out). Double Deep racking is not recommended for perishable goods.

Installing this kind of Pallet Racking can be carried out quickly, thanks to the experts at Donracks. Double Deep racking systems from Donracks are designed for easy relocation. Beam positions can be adjusted to suit the requirement of the client.