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  • Offers 100% product selectivity
  • It is a bolted framed assembly
  • Safety lock can be prominently seen
  • Capable of utilizing the full height of the warehouse
  • Available in light weight, medium and heavy duty ranges
  • It can be quickly assembled or disassembled
  • Components can be replaced easily if necessary
  • Additional racking to the existing framework is possible in future
  • Goods are easily accessible through reach or forklift trucks
  • Can be manufactured according to customized sizes
  • Helps to increase 3 times the storage capacity of a standard pallet racking system

True to its name, Adjustable Pallet Racking is all about adjusting the beam levels in the pallet racks to suit the need of the hour. In this kind of racking system, the beam is clipped into frames, where the pallets are supported by the beams.

Donracks offers customized racking solutions where the best suited racking system depending on the nature and quantum of business is recommended for the client. On that note, this type of racking system will be best suited for warehouses where there is a need to store products across various heights. This can be ideal for storage houses that have an assortment of products belonging to different verticals.

Donracks in-house team of experts checks the requirements, analyze, design, prepare the estimate and on approval manufacture and assemble the racks at the client’s place. The adjustable racking system is customized for a true optimal floor to ceiling storage solution. Beams and uprights form the major part of the racking system just as any other pallet racking type.

Pallet racking beams are made of superior quality steel that adheres to the ISI standardization. Depending on the type of beams chosen, these can have either one or two sections. The Anchor plates are welded into these sections and then the beam is powder coated to keep corrosion at bay.

The pallet racking uprights available from Donracks are available as per the need and client requirement. Likewise to the beams, the racks adhere to international metal handling standards and are put through a pre-treatment process which ensures the durability of the racks. Even the powder coating is done manually to ensure that there is a uniform dispersion.

The dimensions of posts, beams and frames are dependent on the type of goods stored, its weight, goods movement methods used, handling equipment, storage space, frequency of goods handled, etc.