Donracks is pleased to offer customers a high quality industrial shelving storage system. Standard and flexible modular components are offered for shelving which makes it easy to customize your shelving system. These modular kits can be assembled in different ways as per the height, vertical shelf spacing and depth, thereby helping to cater to your systematic material storage needs based on the retrieving requirements for both manufacturing and warehousing sectors.

The accessibility requirements play a significant role in determining the choice of shelving system – ground level access, mezzanine level access, equipment accessibility such as fixed path and free path lifting equipments.

The shelving system from Donracks is advantageous in more ways than one. Here is an insight into the benefits it offers to storage houses:

The components used are made from premier quality steel that adheres to the ISI standards, procured directly from reputed steel manufacturing units. The powder coating is done manually to ensure that there is an even spread enhancing the durability of the product. Though the standard width for shelving is 1 meter, long span shelving can also available if need be. There are many types of shelving on offer that includes;

Cantilever Shelving – The Cantilever shelving system is well supported on the back and sides offering a clear and easy access from the front. This offers a sturdy alternative and especially used to hold goods of different lengths and is popularly used for light and medium duty loads. It is also available in single and double sided options. It makes the perfect choice for separating smaller loads and loose items.

Long Span Shelving – Long Span shelving System is a versatile, affordable and optimal solution used for storing long and bulky items. It is used extensively in farms, factories, warehouses, workshops and garages.

Slotted Angle Shelving – Slotted angle shelving is a simple and cost effective option that is well suited for any kind of storage requirement. The slotted angle uprights have a unique pre-punched hole pattern that holds bolted multiple steel sections thereby offering a versatile, economic and sturdy shelving system.

Gondola Shelving – Pegboard shelving is popularly referred to as Gondola Shelving. Named after the popular boats in Venice, the Gondola shelves, atypical to the low, flat bottomed, both-side entry boats, have a flat bottom shelf and can be used on both sides. It has a solid peg board in the middle with shelves on both sides. It does not have four posts like most types of shelving and is made of steel except for the peg board.

Boltless Shelving – Just as the name suggests, it is shelving assembled without nut and bolt fasteners. This is quick to assemble and can be easily adjusted. This is mostly found in standalone units. There are many types of modular boltless shelving available like wire rack shelving, garden shelving and greenhouse shelving.