Stackers: A Practical Storage Solution For Warehouses

Stackers are the easiest storage solution for warehouses. A stacker is what its name implies- It is a machine or a piece of equipment used to stack, load, or unload goods in a warehouse or storage area. A stacker has a chassis identical to that of a pallet truck and a mast. It is designed to render double functions. It transports, lifts, and lowers the goods to or from the racks for storage or retrieval. Stackers are also designed to handle bulk materials. That is why they are ideal for large warehouses, manufacturing units, retail units, and factories that deal with bulk storage.

Let’s take a look at the types of stackers that are currently available.

Stackers And Their Types- What’s New In The Storage Market

Currently, the market is inundated with many new and advanced stacker models designed to facilitate easy handling and distribution processes. Each stacker model has its distinctive characteristics and applications. Let’s check out the most common types of stackers.

  • Manual Stacker

Also known as a Hand stacker, it is used to move, store, and retrieve goods manually. Their manual operation makes them ideal for manoeuvring tight corners and limited spaces inside the storage area. Most manual stackers are powered by batteries and come with a weighing tool to weigh the goods they carry. Four types of manual stackers are commonly used:

  1. Paper reel version stacker
  2. Paper reel version stacker
  3. Drum tilter stacker
  4. Cradle stacker
  5. Standard hand stacker
  • Semi-electric hand stacker

These stackers use manual controls and semi-electric motors to stack and unstack goods from a height of 150 inches. The semi-electric motors lift and lower the goods, while the manual controls handle the horizontal movements. Apart from the semi-electric stacker, there are two other models to choose from:

  1. Semi-electric core stacker
  2. Semi electric drum tilter stacker

These stackers are ideal for upcoming businesses as they are economically viable and extremely durable for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Electric Stackers

These fully automated, high-performing machines are highly ideal for prolonged lifting and stacking of heavy materials. They offer better stability, easy manoeuvrability, facilitate effortless storage and retrieval from high pallets. Electric stackers are also ideal for outdoor and indoor usage. Some electric stackers also come with powerful batteries that can enable 8-9 hours of usage.

You can choose from the following types of electric stackers:

  • Tool changer stacker
  • Light cradle stacker
  • SS version stacker
  • W version stacker
  • Core shaft stacker
  • Heavy cradle stacker
  • Roller platform stacker
  • Standard electric stacker
  • Reach electric stacker

If there are so many models of stackers in the market, it certainly means that these equipment are highly beneficial and worth the investment.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Stacker?

  • Stackers are highly versatile and designed to perform multiple functions. They can transport goods across huge warehouses, lift goods to and fro from high racks and mezzanine floors.
  • They have exceptional manoeuvrability, which makes them ideal for lifting and placing goods in small spaces.
  • Unlike forklifts, you do not require a license to operate stackers. However, awareness and a bit of training are necessary for a safe operation.
  • They are noise-free and exhaust-free, which is why they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Stackers are compact enough to give operators better visibility when they are transporting or loading goods.

To Sum Up:
Easy storage and retrieval are the two most vital parameters in every storage area. Stackers can improve your productivity by enhancing and streamlining your storage processes. These metrics define the operational efficiency and safety of the goods and your employees.

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