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Not many would think that organizing a space that sat behind a closed door would make a world of difference for the kitchen. When talking about kitchen organization it is always about the cabinets, the island, the wall shelves, etc. that kind of gives you the impression we are dealing with supermarket racks and not kitchen storage! The next thing we will be talking about is having gondola racks! Does every kitchen have the kind of space to afford one?! Not really! Let’s get into something that offers practical and functional storage in the kitchen – the Pantry.

Not much thought is given to organizing a pantry in the ideal world. However, you will find to your delight that pantries can contribute more in terms of storage and functionality than you ever thought it could, provided you do know how to put it to good use.

You may not be a world-class chef, but you still want a pantry that’s efficient and organized. Here is some food for thought: you don’t have to spend big bucks on a complete pantry renovation to get additional storage space. Here are some simple yet effective ideas that help to improve your pantry / kitchen storage and functionality.

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Putting the Door to Good Use

One of the most unused spaces in the pantry is the door. Attaching simple but efficient racks, boards and holders on the inside of the pantry door not only help clear space in the kitchen, but also will offer more functionality.

1. Use it as a Plate Rack

You will never be able to find space to fit those large plates. Using the door can help you solve the problem. It adds a nice customized look while ensuring that there is less clutter in the kitchen.

2. Installing Perforated Peg Boards

It is one of the most easiest and versatile options on hand. This helps create organized storage while offering maximum functionality.

3. Using it as a Spice Stasher

If you are one of those, who loves your spices, then ensure you have a spice rack installed on the door. This will ensure that you have your cooking essentials close at hand.

4. Hooking it Up

Hooks can be very handy to hang aprons, plastic bag holders and even at times ladles and pans in the case of a larger pantry. If you intend to use it for ladles and pans, you can very well make use of the length of the door by installing two or more board hook bands.

5. Hanging Wired Shelving

For those pantries that are very miserly in space, using a hanging wired door shelving system helps a great deal. Reputed manufacturers of retail racks offer these shelves or it can also be customized to suit your pantry door. It is ideal for storing snacks, quick eats, large cereal boxes, unopened milk and juice tetra packs.

Using Unused Spaces

Like most storage spaces in the house, pantries too have plenty of unused space that we hardly notice. It is imperative that all those spaces are put to good use while ensuring that there are no functional disadvantages.

1. Creating a Shelf Carousel

Imitating the table carousels in pantries not only helps in putting the corners to best use, but also ensures that there are no functional hindrances. With carousels for every row in the pantry, you can easily segregate items and store them enjoying the practical advantages it offers.

2. Step Racks

There would be times when you buy groceries, buy them again without knowing that you still have those items in stock in your pantry. This happens because those items are stored behind your most commonly used ones. Step racks help to view those items that are stacked / stored behind thereby not only saving you space, but also bucks!

3. Having a Snack Basket

It is pertinent that you give your kids a space in your pantry. This ensures that they do not mess the entire area and know where to look for their eats. Ensure that this basket is kept in the last or the last but one row, where you do not have the patience to bend and search for items while using the kitchen. This also helps mamma when packing their snacks to school and keep an eye on the inventory.

4. Rolling Baskets

Many times the floor space under the pantry shelves are wasted. Having rolling baskets can ensure that these spaces are used well. This allows you to pull up the baskets whenever needed and roll it back in place easily.

5. Basket Cases

Deep pantry cabinets have plenty of unused space that is hardly used. Basket cases act as sliding drawers that make use of this space. Some baskets come with gilders for easy use. Using basket cases help to bring the back of the cabinet up front on need basis.

Organizing for Easy Functionality

Before going ahead with setting up your pantry with the add-ons, ensure that you get it all organized. It is important to know what you are storing inside your pantry doors.

1. Be Brutal – Throw out all those that are unused

Things stored in the pantry have a shelf life. Ensure that you check on it from time to time. Be brutal, have a hard heart and throw out all those that are not needed or have not been used for a long time now.

2. Categorize your Pantry

Ensure that you segregate items based on their need and purpose. Categorizing similar products not only helps you to keep your pantry organized but is also of immense help when cooking.

3. Label it

No harm ever came from labeling things! The more you label, the better you will ensure that all the efforts in organizing your pantry, is not wasted. Labeling enables you to know the items in your pantry, helps you identify the products that require refilling and most importantly aids in staying organized.

4. Store rarely used items high up!

Those items that you rarely use but definitely are essentials that need to be stored can be placed on the highest pantry shelf.

Making Your Pantry Work for Your Family

Everyone has different ways of accessing food and storing it. The above-mentioned ideas may not suit all and sundry, nevertheless, it will help you stay organized and make your pantry entirely functional. Things will stay in its place, and hereby you will convert your pantry into a space that can function rather than a place to throw junk and food!

So, let the Pantry Party Commence!