Inspirational Storage Rack Solutions To Meet Your Floor Space Design

Inspirational Storage Rack Solutions To Meet Your Floor Space Design


Industries and warehouses cannot do without storage solutions. Easy shelving options can enhance the productivity of the business. There are many racking solutions that can give you easy accessibility to products irrespective of dimension and weight. However, the shelves are prone to damage and have to be designed to store and retrieve products neatly and efficiently. When you are restricted by space, the best solution would be racking system. These are versatile and can easily be customized to fit any space. Depending upon the requirements, customized racking solutions can be designed. Storage racks manufacturers in Chennai offer ideal storage solutions after analysis the requirements.

Industrial Storage Racks – Difference Between Racks And Shelves

Modern shelves come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors to meet your aesthetic and functional designs. Shelves fall into the furniture category and have to be sleek and pleasing to the eyes on the contrary racks are purely functional in nature being used for warehousing purposes. Functional here means hold materials rather than put on display. There is nothing attractive about the rack but everything is attractive about a shelf, be in the bold and bright colors and the design. Racks offer versatile solutions that often shelves fail to deliver.

For home and office use
Office storage racksRacks are not just used in industries and warehouses but also in homes inside the wardrobe. Racks can be used in laundry rooms, workshops, garages, pantries and in sheds. The can be a value added addition inside the closet and in utility areas. Particularly when it comes in metal finishes it can be given an aesthetic appeal with paint and wrought iron finish. A kitchen room can be transformed into a book display rack or for dishes display or to store condiments. The racks can be used in the bedroom and bathroom for various storage purposes.

Wider shelves are used in office and other work locations to hold large files and office supplies. Racks are highly durable and have higher value then shelves making it an ideal solution for most areas as they can withstand tough climatic and temperature conditions. The reason why people opt for racks instead of shelves is the cost. The cost of a large rack is definitely affordable than any regular shelving unit.

Industrial Racking – Picking The Right Design

When it comes to racks there are many racks designs that can fit your specifications. All you need to do is to understand your requirements and choose a rack for the purpose. While picking the rack design, keep the following in mind:

Functionality: The idea here is to organize and take control. It will now be easier to organize file boxes that come in uniform size and shape. There are many storage racks designed to meet different purposes. For storing frequently used items it is best to use sliding racks and wheels to make it easier and convenient.

Material: The racks come in varied materials, aluminum and steel are popular as it is durable and ensures longevity. Plastic racks are suitable for materials that have the presence of excessive moisture. Plastic has high resistance to damage due to grease and chemicals making it the right solution for industrial use.

Dimension: The racks come in different length, breadth and width making it appropriate to hold item of any size. The racks can be designed based on the items the pallets will hold. Racks come in all sizes, smaller ones to hold files and larger ones to hold supplies. Pallet racks are available with corrugated decks and wire giving stability to the pallets that need to be stored up.

How to assemble a rack?
Storage rack
Rack setups are crucial factor to provide efficiency of space. There are number of racking solutions to meet your demands. Shelf racks come with wiring options to hold items that do not fit securely on the rack. The wire basket prevents the item from moving from one place to another. Cantilever racks makes it convenient for racking solutions especially for items like lumber, plywood, doors, drywall and other storing sheets. For larger solutions additional racks can be included.

Today storage racks are the best alternative for shelves especially for practical and functional purposes. The affordability of the shelving units makes it a popular option for both homes and offices.

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