Pharmacy Metal Showcases Making Good Storage Choices

Height1800mm & 2300mm
Depth450mm & 375mm/450mm
Middle glass Shelf8Nos 2300mm

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Pharmacy racks need to be designed to perfection as it needs to find an optimal balance between floor space and storage options. It is common knowledge that pharmacies do not boast of plenty of floor space and therefore it becomes important for rack designers to ensure that they design the racks to suit the design and floor space of the pharmacy without becoming a hindrance to the regular work process. As a matter of fact, it becomes important to design the racking system in such a way that it complements the workflow.

Donracks offers the ideal racking system that has been designed considering all the nuances that pharmacies have to deal with in their workflow. By offering four different standard options for pharmacies Donracks covers all basics that are required for any pharmacy. The designers at Donracks have given good thought about the needs of the pharmacy that are; proper storage, workflow and the promotional angle.

The four standard options from Donracks are; Slat wall racks for prominent displays, pharmacy racks with top storage facilities, pharmacy racks with bottom storage facilities and metal showcases. The metal showcases are very similar to that of a regular showcase only that it is not a complete showcase from top to bottom but has a storage facility in the bottom which facilitates easy storage.

There are about eight glass shelves that make it easy to store medicines in storage boxes which are the most popular way of storing medicines in pharmacies. The height of each of these racks is not much therefore these are ideal for storing the storage bins. The storage area at the bottom of these shelves helps to store those seldom used medicines.

The metal showcases are made from high grade raw materials that help in offering sturdiness, durability and stability to the end product. Also the dimensions for metal showcases from Donracks are offered as two standard choices. The first one is 2300 mm in height, 900 mm in length and 450 mm in width. The other option is the one with 1800 mm in height, 900 mm in length and 375 / 450 mm in width.

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DonracksPharmacy Metal Showcases Making Good Storage Choices