Donracks offers supermarket centre gondola XA racks to meet any retailer’s need and budget. This helps to maximize the product display opportunities for the merchandiser thereby also helping the walk-in customer to choose the products on display at ease. These racks can be used for the storage of different items.

The supermarket centre gondola XA racks open out on both sides of the board very similar to the name. It is sturdy and highly durable as it is made from high quality steel which is pretreated and powder coated once the construction is completed. These treatments ensure that the racks enjoy a long life and are corrosion resistant.

Donracks offers supermarket centre gondolas in customized sizes. The standard dimensions available are – 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ & 8′ in height; 2’ (minimum), 2.5’, 3’, 3.5’ & 4’ in width and 300mm, 375mm, 450mm, 525mm & 600mm in depth. The lower units are ideal for convenience stores and smaller retail units. The taller units can be good choices for larger supermarkets and merchandising stores.

The aisle shelving units enable placement anywhere in the floor space. The sturdiness ensures longer life making these units a good investment. The supermarket centre gondola XA racks can be installed very easily and likewise can be dismantled very easily as well. In spite of its sturdy finish it can be moved in the floor and can be relocated to any place either within the store or to an entirely new premise.Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.