Visual presentation becomes a decisive factor when it comes to electronic products and hence display racks and shelves are very important to capture the attention and fancy of the customers. Donracks is one of India’s leading manufacturers of electronic racks as it offers all that is essential to make a complete presentation to impress the walk-in customer.

One of the most popular products today is the laptops and these have become an integral part of any electronic store sales in the present day. Therefore it becomes essential to display these electronic products in the right manner to be able to lure in market potential. More often than not the customers who walk into an electronic store come with the intention of buying products and with laptops becoming a necessity for individuals these days, it becomes all the more important to display and present them in the right manner.

Visual marketing is the order of the day and this is exactly what Donracks presents to its retail clients – a complete visual presentation that will lure in buyers to make the purchasing decision. Electronic laptop display racks have become the order of the day to highlight the brand, model and specific features of the model on display. Independent laptop display units are used popularly to grab the attention of walk-in customers.

Laptop display racks from Donracks offers more than just being a display unit. It is designed in such a way that it can store and display not only the laptop but also the accessories that can be combined with the laptop thereby offering the opportunity to electronic retail outlets to increase their potential sales of accessories along with the laptops.

The electronic laptop display racks from Donracks comprises of a strong and sturdy back board, a desk which is used as a platform for the laptops to be displayed and the showcase below where the laptop accessories can be stored and displayed. The laptop racks come with standardized measurements of 1200 mm in height, 914 mm in length and 500 mm in depth. The racks are ideal to be placed near walls but can also be used as side units in walkways.