warehouse shelving storage with pallet racking

Pallet racking systems revolutionized the way warehouses were organized since their inception hundreds of years ago. They come in different styles and sizes making them appropriate for use in commercial spaces as well as for storing high density items in warehouses. Pallet racks are also flexible and their height can be changed making it quite useful in case the items to be stored are of varying sizes.

The sturdiness offered pallet racking system is often seen as its biggest advantage by large scale industries. The skids used in the storing systems are made using galvanized steel, plastic, wood and other materials. The higher the density of the pallet rack, the larger load it will be able to hold, thereby driving its price higher. Some of the commonly seen pallet racking solutions in the industry are:

The selective rack is often the preferred type of pallet rack storage system by the experts in the industry because of its capability to store large amounts of inventory without taking u too much of space. Narrowing down on a particular type of pallet rack style depends largely on the type of inventory you plan on storing, as well as the space available In case you are planning on processing the items in your storage space, you will benefit from having a proper storage system in place.

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With the growing demand for space in every corner of the world, pallet racking systems are a lifesaver in organizing inventory within warehouses and commercial establishments. A clutter free and well organized warehouse also facilitates in the prompt running of things without any unnecessary obstructions. The need to store your inventory safely till they are required is taken care of by implementing a top notch pallet racking solution. However, you might consider getting one of the experts to guide you towards which style of pallet racks will suit your requirements better based on the type of inventory you will be carrying.

Manufactures, retail store and distributors are all looking for different efficient ways to store their raw products or finished products. Having quick access to these items will also boost the productivity levels of the organization, make the management of every business on the lookout for the most efficient storage solution that is affordable as well. Some examples of the different places that benefit plenty from such efficient racking systems are:

Manufacturing industries:

Raw materials or components, as well as finished goods, can be stored easily.

Distribution Centres

These centres will benefit realty from a pallet racking system. A FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) system can be implemented based on the pallet rack system chosen for the job.

Retail Stores

Retail stores can store and display their different products for the benefit of their customers. There are several different aesthetic friendly pallet rack solutions in India for retail stores today.

Record Storage

Although the world is moving towards a paperless society, it still has plenty of archives of important records. A suitable pallet storage solution and keep these records safe and secure till they are uploaded into the virtual world.

Choosing The Right Pallet For Your Needs

Choosing the right pallet storage solution for your requirement is of utmost importance to avoid having to change the storage system at a later date. Here are a few tips to help you get it right the first time itself:

Selective Pallet Racks

This particular model offers access to every load along with efficient floor space usage as well the least time required for loading and unloading. It is ideal for situations where a huge variety of different products are stored at the same centre.

Pallet Flow Racks

This system uses the first in first out or the FIFO method and saves the workforce a lot of labour as well as floor space with its high density storage system that has multiple picking levels. Experts consider it the best choice for storing perishable goods.

Drive In and Drive Through Pallet Racks

These racks offer enough space between aisles for forklifts to come and go. The Drive In system has a single exit and uses the LIFO system. The Drive Through system has two exits and implements the FIFO method for stacking inventory.