Any warehouse has the possibility of running out of space within short period. No matter how large or how small a warehouse is, where there is space, it will be filled. This happens even when there is absolutely no planning or even during slow sales seasons. Effective use of industrial warehouse storage racks is a solution to many of the space related issues.

Reasons for running out of space

    Slow sales period

    Rapid growth and expansion of product lines

    Seasonal peaks and discount buying

Let’s take a quick look at the main causes of space deficiency to understand why this happens.
You can divide the main culprits into 3 categories. One is storing up too much of the right products and goods; the other is having too much of the wrong inventory and the third if poor utilization of available storage space.

Your ultimate aim when organizing your warehouse should be to create maximum space with organized storage, easy to access and maintain. In most cases, firms will not be able to expand their storage warehouse or even shift to other bigger premises. In such cases, there will still be the need to store the ever increasing load of supplies. You have a few options you can adopt to solve this issue.

If relocation or facility expansion is ruled out, try out any of the following paths

   Leveraging outside storage
   Internal warehouse redesign
   Improving inventory management

Different types of Industrial Shelving, You can use for effective storage utilization include Boltless shelving, gravity carton-flow shelving, Steel shelving, mezzanine shelving, Closed shelving ,Open shelving, Multi level shelving, riveters boltless shelving and many more.

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The answer to many storage problems will be solved by efficient redesign of warehouse. To redesign your warehouse, you need to first measure the available space you have. Identify all fixed obstacles like walls, doors, columns, clearances etc. You will need the measurement and location for later planning. Your next stage is to understand the nature of the products handled and stored. You have to check the storage temperature required, storage conditions zones, replenishment requirements, unit handling loads and many more minute details which affects the stored goods.

Study and work out effective, reliable material flow paths. Make sure to avoid dead inventory for longer periods. This is one major reason for wasting storage space. You need to take note of the auxiliary facility requirements as well to allocate space required for the offices, holding and inspection docks etc.

Once you have taken note of all the measurements and inventory, generate alternate plans to utilize the space optimally. You can also take the help of an industrial designer. Evaluate your alternative plans and pick the best one. Practice this and implement improvements constantly.


Today the industry is extremely creative and there are hundreds of options to choose from. Some ideas are really useful and easy to implement. Take a look at a few ideas like that:-


Vertical cube utilization is extremely effective in creating more space. Use the facility’s vertical space to the maximum. This will include space above docks and loads, total building clearance, space above cross aisles, the space above the work and pick areas, and space above docks.


Tunnel racks can be created by utilizing the area over cross aisles. This area is often underutilized and left empty. It can be efficiently converted to storage space by arranging back-to-back rack sections.


Industrial mezzanines when used in warehouses serve as excellent temporary and semi-permanent storage areas. They can be used for storing direct-to-consumer as well as small order fulfillments. Generally all these items are stored in the general warehouse which utilizes a lot of space. Creating a Mezzanine will give 50 percent improvement in vertical space utilization. It can be used for bulk storage purposes as well.

Alternative Storage Methods can also be considered. Some methods you can try out include

   Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack

   Double-Deep Pallet Rack

   Pushback Rack

   Pallet Flow Rack

   Small Parts Storage


You can try out a combination of the methods suggested above to get maximum storage space and manage inventory levels optimally. There are always further scope of improvement as today the industry is advancing a rapid pace. Hence it is ideal to stay updated with the latest trends in industrial storage racks manufacture and utility.