Supermarket stall bins are best suited for merchandising units that offer an assortment of similar products. Though stall bins are popularly used in bigger shopping malls and hyper stores, they are a familiar site in supermarkets as well. Supermarket stall bins are used to hold assorted items and are easily portable if need be.

Donracks offers supermarket stall bins that can hold a uniformed distributed load (UDL) of 150 kg. It measures 750 mm in height, 750 mm in width and 750 mm in depth. For easy portability options, the stall bins are offered with optional wheels. Apart from supermarkets, malls and super stores also use these stall bins and are popularly used to house soft toys, discounted products, products with special offers, etc.

Easy portability options make these stall bins more flexible and they can be used wherever there is a need to house assorted and bulky products that cannot be fit into the general supermarket racking system.Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.