Donracks offers the best shelving and racking solutions for supermarkets where the visibility and clear presentation of the products are important. These racks are display cases that make it easy for the merchandise unit to display its wares and the customer to pick what they need from the shelves. Supermarket Rack Wall Gondola XA is very popular among the merchants due to the space and visibility advantage it offers.

These racks are very easy to install as they come in customized sizes of 2′ to 8′ in height, 2′ (minimum), 2.5’, 3′, 3.5′ & 4′ in length and 300mm, 375mm, 450mm, 525mm, 600mm in depth. It is also possible to install these with or without the back panels depending on the preference of the merchant. The merchant is free to choose the measurement that suits the premises the best. This type comes in a single one-sided shelf with panels. The shelves can be adjusted according to the preference of the retail merchant.

High quality steel is used in the construction of these supermarket wall gondolas XA. The gondolas are precisely engineered to make them sturdy and highly durable thereby proving advantageous to the merchant or dealer. The gondola is powder coated and hence is anti-corrosive which ensures its durability and long life. Various products of different sizes and dimensions can be stored in these gondolas. These provide enhanced visibility that can help customers searching for a certain product. The smooth finish adds an elegant touch.Click here to view all our Supermarket Racks.